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  1. M

    Hello Everyone!

    I just found this forum after using Photoshop for a long time, and I'll do my best to contribute and help out. I've recently started doing my simple 3d mock ups and video in photoshop, and it's getting more robust but the tutorials aren't keeping pace. Nice to meet you all!
  2. J

    New newbie here trying to make a bowed line like in a graph

    Hey, i am new here so i hope i've posted right. I want to make this kind of line: Just obviously with straight lines. I want it to look like a graph kind of line. I have tried to use the pen tool but i can't make it work. Any better ways or perhaps a way to make it easier for me with the pen...
  3. agentmoeller

    old man caricature

    Simple caricature in PS.
  4. I

    Sorry for the bother... again...

    Hello again. I really appreciate the help I received from the last editor. They were really nice and they helped me a lot. I was wondering if I can get some help again with a different photo. Same kind of edit as the last one, a simple transparent background, although this one is a little...
  5. I

    My Photoshp skills are... meh...

    Hello, I was wondering if I can get some help. I am not new to Photoshop, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm good. lol. I was wondering if someone can help me with a simple edit. See this man? This is my older brother. He wants me to touch up this image and make it look cool so he can...
  6. A

    Blowing Out a Background White

    I've been trying to figure out how to do this effect FOREVER. See how the city in the background is blown out white, yet still maintains its structure and looks neat and clean. I wish it were just taking down the saturation or something simple. But I have a feeling it's more complicated. Curious...
  7. Matt8444

    A quick head swap

    Hello, The family picture my eldest son isn't really engaging with the camera (I've no idea why it's been uploaded upside down :question:) If anyone can help me I'm just after a simple head swap with the second picture I've uploaded. Any help much appreciated Kind Regards :thumbsup:
  8. E

    Hello Photoshop Gurus

    A simple Hello :)
  9. C

    New logo or remake of mine

    Hey guys I'm not really sure how this works but I am wanting to redo my logo or do something new that is a very simple and clean design. I'm willing to pay for the work that is done. This is my current logo Corey Jones designs. as you can see my logo is kinda plain and doesn't pop I would like...
  10. T

    Can someone please replace the current background of this photo?

    I really need the silly rug texture taken out from behind the hands and replaced with something simple, just a simple white/off-white background if possible, the areas around the arms where the rug overlaps is causing me nightmares. I'd be really grateful, thanks!
  11. A

    Photoshop business pictures (Amazon/Ebay)

    work finished! close thread.
  12. IamSam

    Colorize Me! Photo 1

    I have been meaning to start this thread for some time now, but have just fallen behind. My day job is keeping me very busy lately. Since the subject has been brought up by revnart, I thought now would be as good a time as any to get it started. Anyway, this is for everyone to participate in...
  13. D

    How do people do this?

    I know this is going to be really simple for a lot of people, but it looks really cool and I wanted to know how they do it so maybe I can do some myself. Here is the picture i'm talking about :
  14. L

    Help Improve Image Patching/Hole Filling Techniques!

    My name is Lesley Istead and I’m a PhD student working under the supervision of Dr. Craig S. Kaplan in the Computer Science Department of the University of Waterloo. I’m looking for volunteers to help produce/classify images to help understand and improve image patching/hole filling...
  15. A

    What Text Effect is This Logo?

    I know it's a simple technique, but how can this be replicated?
  16. C

    Simple request from a simple person

    Hiya all, If someone could help me out it would be much appreciated. I would like a donkeys head placed on the neck of the shirt below and have Blackpool Tower in the background. Wording of "Whitehaven in Blackpool 2016" would just be the cherry on the cake if possible. Thank you in advance.
  17. T

    Correct Proportions and Prespective in a simple composite photo?

    Hi, I'm new here, so hello :) I would like some help...I'm trying to create a simple composite photo where a woman is standing in a hotel room, facing the viewer. It is supposed to appear as if the viewer is standing in the room with her, facing her, like in first person view. I'm having...
  18. flui1337

    Looking for a Team Logo.

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to make a logo for my team, Team Unbreakable. What I need is a simple logo to be honest, mainly focusing on the letters UBK. All I really need is the logo to be simple, and in 2D so that I can easily edit it for the team members. If you're able to do it, reply with...
  19. L

    Help with tint! i need to make this background.

    Hello everyone :) this is my first post in here, hope that you guys can help me, this is a very basic thing i'm sure, but i have no idea how to pull this one out. I need to recreate that background: I have all the original pictures in full color, but i want to make them in *that* style, but...
  20. T

    a simple hello

    Just a quick hi from me all the way from bonnie scotland!!!!