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  1. S

    Simple question about angle snapping

    Hey, I'm a fairly in-experienced photoshop user and am using it for some isometric sprites. (actually quite a lot so this is pretty important to me) So I am using the line tool and making angles of 26.6 degrees to create the perspective. And after much searching on the internet I couldn't find...
  2. M

    Simple border that i cant do lol

    Hey there guys, sorry to bother you all but im trying to find a way to do this simple border, heres the link to a youtube thumbnail with it . Im making a new layer white, putting the fill on 0 and then adding a stroke and dropping the opacity on...
  3. 8

    Brushes Brushe doesnt want to draw a straight line! ZigZag/ Jittering/ Whatever EXTRAVAGANZA!

    Hi I need some serious help about my brush/es. It is really simple one and i get what i want except that brush have some "jitters", "zigzags", i dont know how to call it. The line is not straight when a draw it in some angle or when i do curve. Every parametar that i change, line still isnt...
  4. C

    Illustrator Cutting image out of image.

    Im so used to adobe photoshop but its getting very aggravating when you're trying to find a simple way to cut a part of an image out when it's so simple on adobe photoshop. I marked the area I want cut out with a pen but now how do i select the area my pen has selected??
  5. E

    Changing a plain background

    How can I simply change the colour of the background to the letter in this pic/scan from white to black, (not easy to see, but when I open it on my PC it shows the a white background, the colour of the inner lid of the scanner) If its not a simple process, how do I crop the letter so just the...
  6. R

    Illustrator Change background colour without effecting photograph

    HelloI am new to the forum - I cant find an existing post that matches this exact inquiry, so Im creating a new thread.I am new to using Adobe illustrator and want to use it to make simple posters for events i'm organising.I have placed a photo into my project but when i change the background...
  7. J

    Help with duplicating this style pic

    So im in a car club and came up with our first t shirt design, but now Im working on some more I just need help duplicating the techniques in this pick. Like possible ideas of how to steps to achieve the simple clean look of the black and white caddy. and here is the design I made for our...
  8. gautamz07

    My simple login page

    Hey guys ! wass up , had nothing much to do , so made a simple login page . check it out :D :D
  9. P

    Please Help - How To Do This Text Effect [VERY EASY]

    NOTE: All 3 samples are Kindle Erotica Book Covers. I couldn't find any non-erotica cover image. :redface: Question - I want to create a simple Kindle Book Cover (that is, front side only) like the cover images posted below. I just want to know how to create the Text Effect. That is, how to...
  10. Z

    Advice for Animating a Logo

    Hi, so I have the logo below and I want to animate it for my website so that the dial "revs" up and down. There is a bit of an issue regarding the perspective (it's not flat) that makes it tough for me to just do a simple rotation. But I wanted to get some advice and see if you guys know of the...
  11. F

    a simple question of colour ?

    i have a very simple image consisting of two boxes filled with two different colours how do i adjust these so that they are of equal tonal value ie if they were grayscale they would look identical sounds simple but i've spent two hours trying to do it and eyeballing is the best answer so far...
  12. G

    What techniques are there to create a geometric diamond pattern in Photoshop?

    I cannot figure out how to go about making a pattern similar to this one: I know it must be relatively simple but I cannot wrap my mind around creating a consistent repeating pattern. thanks!
  13. G

    Is there a way to copy layers from one Photoshop document to another?

    Is there a way to copy layers from one Photoshop document to another? I was working on a project earlier on that required this but I didn't know how this could have been done. (Procedure not as simple as Illustrator, where a simple Ctrl | Cmd + C and Ctrl | Cmd + V would work.)
  14. M

    Need a B logo for my clan

    I made a clan named Bare so we want a logo that is simple a B nothing too crazy, but something simple and clean! here are some nice ones that I like thank you!
  15. H

    Business Pack - 100$ PayPal

    Hello Short story about the company: It existed for 10 years, closed down, I'm starting it up again. It's a laser-tag arena in the great north. What I want in the logo: I want a super simple text saying "darklight" all small letters. I want black text on black background with purple outline...
  16. MikeMc

    Shooting liquids

    Found this...great info, read and learn simple lighting tips.
  17. S

    love photoshop but.....

    Hi Everyone, I'm here to ask some advice about general things!! I'm mainly self taught at Photoshop but I can't fathom how to do many things I need to do many which I'm sure you;ll think are very simple!! Maybe in time I'll even be able to offer a few beginners some advice too!!
  18. I

    A number of issues regarding images for website design.

    Good evening everyone, it's my first post here so let me begin by saying Hello! So, I have a fairly basic understand of Photoshop and will hopefully understand methods suggested as solutions to my problem, provided you can keep them nice and simple! :D Right, so here's my problem.. I'm...
  19. C

    A request (should be easy)

    Hey i am horrible at photoshop and anything like it, i need someone to edit my photo and change my smle into lips, so it appears i am not smiling. [no teeth showing] The photo: i would appreciate it if my lips looked as close to mine as possible, this picture is the only one i own that i am...
  20. B

    Lancia Stratos (rally car)

    Started off trying to do a more realistic representation of the Lancia Stratos but in the end went with a simplistic and minimal look due to the fact that I couldn't get the specular lighting on the body of the car to look good. Let me know what you think anyway.