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  1. P

    Could you guys please give me feedback

    Hey guys, Could you please give me feedback on a tutorial I uploaded about a week ago on how to create a background in Photoshop? Link:
  2. Andy000

    Simple line help

    Hey, I know this is probably a super simple question but I've been wanting to know how to draw thin thin lines like the poster below. Using the pen tool always seems to fill in the space and the ends need to be joined up to end drawing it, they also seem to have a glow and gradient on them in...
  3. L

    Needs help recreating an image.. :)

    Hi, my friend has a clothes shop and needs this pattern for printing it on her clothes but the resolution is way too low. I wonder if there's a way I can enlarge this image and make the resolution higher or is there a way I can recreate it? It doesn't need to be exactly the same as this one. I...
  4. O

    Simple Basic Design

    Im new to photoshop and Im trying create a very basic design.. Can someone please help me. I really cannot figure out how to do the semi circles. I also want to make sure the semicircles are exactly in the center. Can someone please do this for me? Its pretty basic. Thank you
  5. Barrettathome

    Simple Design Due to First Stie I Coded

    This design is simple due to the fact that I have never coded a site before.
  6. B

    How hard would it be to do a simple album cover?

    How hard would it be to do a simple album cover? Could someone please point me in the right direction? I would just be a picture of a natural background. From there getting the font right would be next. Are there any small things that I could do to enhance the artwork?
  7. F

    [Request] Simple photo change

    I need this for a school project. The theme is something about how music and social gatherings ( something like dancing, music, cocktails, etc ) bringing people together. If there is a cool way to incorporate a music note or something of that sort into here where that shows the joy of music or...
  8. L

    A simple hello (Y) .

    Here to pop in and say hi to all :wink: Been using photoshop on and off for 1 yr+ but dont really have a solid grasp of the tools .. As i always learn bit by bit via tutorials. =X
  9. S

    Looking for someone to do a simple photoshop job for me ASAP!!

    Hi. I need something photoshopped ASAP (like within a few hours if possible). Let me know if you can help me.
  10. SeniorS

    Simple idea, simple wallpaper.

    Didn't achieve best effort. But i like the idea (probably such image is allready made, don't know).
  11. S

    Photoshopper needed very simple !

    Hello all, I just have a very simple request I'm pretty sure it can be easily done, I just wanted to know if anybody is willing to blur out the background of my picture so you can't tell what's in the background, just make the entire background blurry and keep me in it the same. Thanks I...
  12. JustThisGood

    SIMPLE Black Red & White Effect!

  13. Hoogle

    Simple 3d Iced text effect

    Just a simple tutorial I was playing around with creating an Ice effect and eventually came up with this and each stage is very simple and yet very flexible to create the effect you want here is a preview image of different variations and here is the tutorial video
  14. R

    Quite simple question about printing.

    Hi there, i'm in Hong Kong volunteering in child disabilities. I'm working on a project which entails taking photographs of classroom items that need to be printed on a black background for cue cards. Mainly toys etc. I'm no photographer, and relatively new to PS. However, i took the photos...
  15. S

    Really simple request.

    I can't do as I need to, as I'm using GIMP, and they have changed the features. Now I cant figure out the background elimination, resizing, even the simple task of moving one selection to another side of the canvas has been made difficult. I have a flyer, its for mowing, plain and simple. I...
  16. Hoogle

    How to achieve a simple moon reflection

    Ok I am working on this image that is of several photos I have manage to paint in a moon and the glow I like but I want to get the moon to highlite the water I have deliberately made it so you can see where I am referring to but what I want to achieve is still have the waters glossy reflective...
  17. Hoogle

    simple method for increasing lip size or )anything else)

    not really a tutorial but just shows you the techniques
  18. Hoogle

    easy simple text extraction from an image

    follow this link to learn how to delete backgrounds from text
  19. Hoogle

    started out as a simple skin touch up

    I was actually recording at the time was going to make a tutorial for youtube on basic spot healing etc but 1 thing lead to another so now I guess I will have to do it as speed art what do you think.
  20. D

    Want to do simple task, but is Photoshop the right tool?

    Hi. I swear I went through the entire Photoshop Classroom In A Book (many years ago) but I still don't know the answer to this one. I want to drag jpgs into my screen, and then 1. have each jpg create a new LAYER instead of creating a totally new tab (I'm on CS 4) 2. have the canvas size...