1. ZeroCool22

    Intuos Pro Pen & Touch, surface smooth or rough?

    I'm thinking on buy one of those, but i don't want to get the suprise i got with my INTUOS, where the surfare is rough and i hate it, i love to feel NO FRICTION when i draw/retouch, i just put a print paper on it and i feel less fristion now, i use it like that since i bought it. So if someone...
  2. A

    Rendering Chrome? Photoshop 3d

    Hi guys, was just wondering if you had any insight on how to create a 3d object, then apply a chrome surface, as the surfaces i'm using doesn't actually show a name, so its hard to tell what is grey, what is chrome, what is brushed silver etc... Is there a way to identify these...
  3. S

    Planet city lights for 3d application

    Hi! I have now created planet surface map (8k), and other files for Blender/3DS Max. I created that map with Fractal Terrains v3. So i need now create city lights for that planet. Any ideas how to make those "cities"? :banghead: I put here planet surface map so you can see what i have made.
  4. Eggy

    3D Blender - Home Phone

    Pfff, still scratching the surface... Let's hear it...:cheesygrin:
  5. V

    Carve or Hewn a Flat-like Surface

    Hi, I am trying to find an effect or action that makes an existing flat surface look like it was carved or hewn or chiseled to make it flat. I have a picture here with this post that has the type of effect I want. These are hand hewn logs. In fact it looks too perfect, I like something with...
  6. Rpbin

    How to add a pic to a new layer

    Hi, I have added a pic to the bg layer, but I'm stuck as how to add a new pic to the layer above. I want to make the new pic semi-transparent so it looks as tho the girl is being reflected in the polished bronze surface. I have attached a shot of the girl on the bg layer and a shot of the...
  7. G

    Surface homogenization

    Hi everyone, I mostly take architectural photographs and I regularly stumble upon one problem when I have to deal with with wall surfaces that are not uniform due to aging, tags, moisture, cracks... On the picture below you can see what I am talking about on the red surface, old tags, new...
  8. Hoogle

    For Chris_designs as Ipad pro or SUrface Pro for digital art as I am here

    Ok so whilst I was in hospital I got obsessed with these colouring in books for adults, even now at final stages of Recovery I still do them as they distract me from the world and relax me but today I purchased a cool 1 that made me think of CHris. It is £1 well spent if you ask me. And for...
  9. D

    New Member

    Hi, I'm Bob Zolto from New Mexico. Have used PS for several years, but I know that I have only scratched the surface.
  10. M

    Add small hills or mounds to illustrations like this

    This is my first post here so thank you for having me. I create these illustrations of golf course fairways in Photoshop. I'm looking for ways to create small hills and mounds that I can then save and add to other fairways. Perhaps end up with a collection of 10-20 different types of mounds...
  11. J

    Smart objects and perspective crop?

    Hi, so i am new here and to photoshop. I have been searching for the right tutorial for my problem, but i can't find it anywhere. I saw one guy doing this, but he did it so fast that i couldn't grasp the information. For him it was easy game. Where should i start... I am trying to put some...
  12. K

    [Q] How to make same surface ?

    Hello, I am currently practicing shooting products and cleaning them in photoshop, I am experiencing a problem. The sponge that I shooted down below is not unicolored, notice the dark and light parts of it. How can I make all the surface get the same color using photoshop? I searched online a...
  13. S

    Darkening a glass surface

    What I'm Trying To Do: darken an SUV window to make it look blacked out. How I'm Doing It: spent over 90 minutes reading through Help documents, reading about Vanishing Point and the Stamp tool (wouldn't let me even select the Stamp Tool), tried using the Paint Brush, the Lasso Tool...