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  1. N

    Newbie here :)

    Hi all Quite the forum pest. Lately have taken an interest in Photoshop, currently got Photoshop CC 2014 for my Macbook Pro and have been experimenting. Contemplating on getting a graphic tablet, have one atm but it's a shoddy one from China lol. If anyone has suggestions, tips/advice or...
  2. O

    Brush texture acting randomly

    I'm working with a tablet and this particular brush. Sometimes I have this result with this brush: And this is what I would like to have but the brush suddenly turns to this: while I haven't even touched the settings. I have tried to figure out why it's acting that way by trying different...
  3. K

    Graphics Tablets Problem

    i recently brought a graphics tablet, a Wacom Connect. i installed it properly followed the instructions and did everything as it said, i set it up so the entire work space is uses the entirety of my screen, this works on my desktop and every other program except Photoshop and Art rage where...
  4. M

    Need help for my son to make crisp clean lines using Photoshop with his Wacom tablet

    Joined to help my Autistic son use his Waccom tablet and Photoshop but need help. I hope some of you experts out there in the Photoshop world can assist me in some questions I have about older versions of Photoshop vs new, how to use with a Wacom Cintiq 12wx, and possibly if I can get a student...
  5. G

    Tablet pen doesn't work right with dodge tool !

    Hi all, Can anyone help me to get my pen (Wacom Intuos 2) to work properly with dodge tool like the mouse? Here's to illustrate: It is the dodge effect was made by mouse It is by the pen (same brush size) The brush becomes too small and has a hardness effect, not smooth at all. If I size...
  6. agentmoeller


    hey all. I'm seriously looking into getting a tablet to help with my art. I would love some input, feedback and suggestions on tablets in general, and this model in particular: Platinum INTUOS2 9X12 I do lots of hand-drawn art which I then scan into the computer and shade/color in either...
  7. G

    Can custom graphics tablet brushes be made for Photoshop?

    I would like to make a tree branch brush. I know how to capture a new brush from a selection. I do not know how to make the new brush respond to the tilt and pressure from my wacom tablet pen. It almost seems that there is a certain limited set of pre-defined tablet brushes. I hope that is...
  8. MightyZeus

    What Tablet To Buy?

    I was looking at the Wacom Bamboo Pen A6 Tablet. What would you suggest, this will be my first tablet.
  9. Paul


    I have recently moved to oz from the uk, i have a tablet by trust, it doesn't work on my new computer which has windows7, does anyone know of a patch for the tablet to be used please? Shame to throw it away as its brand new all be it a year old (unused present):wink: sorry wrong thread...
  10. C

    CS3 Strange graphic shapes appearing when using a graphics tablet.

    Hey guys. This weird problem came up a couple of weeks ago with my Photoshop CS3 program. I've been using the same Photoshop program on my Macbook Pro (2008) with the same graphics Bamboo Graphics tablet for a year now, but this only started happening two weeks ago. At first I thought that my...
  11. J

    Photoshop - Wacom Tablet - Help

    My problem is when I make strokes with the pen on my Wacom tablet, the line looks like this. This is one smooth stroke, i didn't lift my pen once. When i know it shouldn't look like this. I'm running: HP Pavilion p6214 AMD Athlon II x4 620 Quad-Core Processor nVidia GeForce 9100 Integrated...