1. R

    TIPS :How to Nutralize the CMYK image..

    hello Guru's How to Nutralize the CMYK image.. please xplain :razz:
  2. NbslayerHD

    After Effects I'm new to After FX need tips for making CoD montages

    I'm new to After Effects and I need some tips for making Call of Duty Montages such as cool color corrections or effects thanks in advance.:cheesygrin:
  3. S

    Making the arms skinner! Help and tips needed! Could anybody help make the arm skinnier and hide the blemishes on it? Every time I try, the arm looks wonky and artificial... Any tips? I know it's very basic stuff but I've only just started to play with PS!
  4. T

    Tips on achieving 1950s pin-up effect?

    Hello there :cheesygrin: Would anyone be able to kindly suggest any methods/tips/tutorials on how to achieve a 1950s painted pin-up effect? I am hoping to recreate a series of photos in the style of Gil Elvgren: So far I have been unsuccessful in finding any appropriate or advanced enough...
  5. A

    Photoshop TIPS

    Hello this is Adam here from California.I am new to using potoshop and looking for some useful tips and tricks about it.
  6. D

    Photo -->Photoshop-->Painting (Cool)

    The first time I seen this, I thought it was fake. Then I thought this was really cool and really interesting. To give credit: i found it on How to Make a Photo Look Like a Painting | Anyways, the second time I tried it, I make my house into a painting. You make multiple layers of...