1. K

    Embarrassingly stupid 'Subtract front shape' issue

    I am following this basic tutorial for subtracting a shape from another shape and this happened when I clicked 'Subtract front shape' - I have some intermediate experience with PS but now I just feel stupid :seenoevil: I want the result to be like in the tutorial.... This is how it looks before...
  2. N

    I'm new, don't bite...

    Was just messing around today, I'm pretty new to photoshop but it's sooo fun! Let me know what you think of these (honestly please!) :cheesygrin:
  3. D

    Help to remove facial hair from photo

    Hi guys i really need my facial hair to be removed from this picture for school graduation.Long story short i am graduating from school only if they accept my internship at some hotel but for some reason school is not accepting bearded students.I could take picture again but the hotel is in...
  4. chrisdesign

    3D The Abyss Booklet

    A bit a weird idea... just tell me what you think about it.
  5. S

    Remove the cigeratte, please.

    Hey, Can somebody remove the cigarette in her mouth please? I will do the rest, but if you want, go ahead and remove the orange weird thing at the eye. Thanks!
  6. E

    Photoshop request: remove extrange color from picture

    Hello! I have downloaded this free photo. I want to use it in a brochure, but I realized that there are some weird grey lines in front of the tower. Can you remove them? I'd highly appreciate it. Thanks!
  7. N

    Photoshop Help

    Hello, I have a photoshop request. Basically I need to replace the guy in the orange backdrop pic in place of the guy in green hoodie. I know the photoshop might look weird because of the dimension problem but that's okay. Please help! I really appreciate it! Thank you
  8. N

    Hair on white background looks horrible :(

    I don't even know how to describe it, but a lot of times when I take a backlit photo the edges get a bit weird and it looks terrible :( Does anyone know what could be done to fix this in photoshop?
  9. C

    Artwork prep for T-shirt Printing

    Hi Guys, I have a logo I want to print on a T-shirt. The artwork is really rough in terms of the colour uniformity and outer lines. Also, the face needs shifting over to the right a little! LOL! I've tried posterizing for the colours but it comes out looking really weird. Is the size OK, do you...
  10. J

    Please photoshop this pic of me, my FACE looks so WEIRD

    Hello, I've had this picture of myself taken by a photographer. I really like the picture, my outfit, the background, my position, but... I can't show it to anyone with such a face on it, though ! I don't care about my eyes closed or the skin folds on my neck. There's just something about my...
  11. A

    Weird and funny request

    Hi all! I have a weird request. On the wall behind my buddies here could I have in graffiti style the statement 'Daniel Day-Lewis Is The Poor Man's Nic Cage' - in large enough writing to be legible. Thanks so much in advance!!
  12. gedstar

    Not exactly OOB maybe just weird

    Tried to take a leaf out of Eggy's book "excuse the pun" and came up this
  13. E

    My color picker looks weird!

    any idea why my color picker looks like this?
  14. Z

    male head model post processed

    so today, I sat at the PC for a little bit of Zbrush practice, I ended up playing around with the idea of doing a very quick study of a male head... This was the outcome after roughly an hour and a half rather than enter into any more detail an lock the PC up (I need more RAM) I decided to...
  15. L

    Weird Halos Help!

    I am getting weird halos around the head of my model? I had this once on an outdoor pic but currently struggling with a photo where I made the background transparent, then saved it as a jpeg. The resulting JPEG has the white background, with this white halo still there? What am I doing wrong...
  16. iDad

    Some days it's here, some days it's not

    Very weird does anyone else ever get this? it comes and goes
  17. Z

    is this photo weird to you?

    for some reason, it's registering as upside down for me what about you?
  18. N

    Need Help for Weird Christmas idea

    Hi Photoshoppers, I know nothing about photoshop but i have an idea for a Christmas gift for a friend and im hoping i can hire one of u to do it for me.. I'm looking to make 5ft cardboard cut out of Adam Levine drinking a margarita while riding a dolphin. I know very weird. So if any of you...
  19. T

    Brushes acting weird

    I'm in my graphic design class - and my friends brushes only fill like half of her cursor circle - if that makes sense. Like if I have a regular round brush it fills the whole circle. Hers has like padding around it and doesn't fill the whole space - how does she get rid of this? I've tried...
  20. Vafann

    Weird fonts

    I don´t know which forum to put this in, it´s not really graphic design, I just wanted to show a fraction of the weird free fonts I have been collecting lately, I think they could be fun to use in certain circumstances. I have written the names of the fonts with them, I don´t remember all the...