1. Vafann

    Another weird self portrait

    I have been totally uninspired, and couldn´t come up with one single idea for any kind of Photoshop project, so I just started messing around with own face.
  2. T

    weird swf playback — flying off screen

    hi folks. i'm having a little "issue" with an exported swf file and the way it plays back on the web. flash cs5. as2. mac os 10.6.4 within the movie/animation itself, there is a small black "x" centered on the stage that expands until it totally fills the screen, giving the impression that...
  3. Paul

    Charactures and weird manipulations.

    Anyone got any ideas of who i could have a go at redoing a manipulation of please:)
  4. Windows7

    Weird problem..

    Hi, I just resetted my photoshop settings because when i pushed "ctrl" and "+" it didn't zoom in and when i pushed "ctrl" and "-" it zoomed in which normally it has to zoom out.. . I resetted my settings and it worked good for a while but now just the same problem so it zooms in when i push...
  5. J

    Having weird problems with photoshop 7

    I'm running Photoshop 7 on windows xp sp3 and I'm having some weird problems with it. I'm trying to clean up and color my line art which I scan @ 300 dpi in RGB color and open with photoshop. After I desaturate and clean up the image using the curves adjustment, I duplicate the background layer...
  6. Windows7

    Weird problem..

    Hi, I have a weird problem with PS and that is next.. :i start a new project in white,then add a new layer with blue as foreground color and then make an eclipse but the problem is that the eclipse is not filled with bleu and neither i can't move it.. i can only move it with the free transform...