1. L

    Photoshop Ghosting!

    Over the past month I've encountered a problem with Photoshop. Any time I make an addition or alteration to a document, whatever I've done does not appear until I zoom in or out of the image. I have also tried waiting a few seconds to see if the program just lagged but it still doesn't appear...
  2. L

    Not sure if these annoying gaps are real

    Hi :) I'm suffering from these little gaps or "hairlines" in my image that I don't think are actually there. I am doing some images that need to be pixel perfect and sliced up into pieces for use in another application. In the past I have had problems with semi transparent pixels, but this time...
  3. D

    Greatings from Wisconsin

    I am new to this forum and want to take this first opportunity to say hello. I have been an amateur since the 80's but now have the time from a busy automotive career to concentrate on photography . I have been studying photoshop now for over a year and am amazed what is hidden inside and the...
  4. A

    Switch between the Polygonal Lasso Tool and Zoom - is it possible ?

    Basically my question is whether one can change the Zoom of picture, in the midst of working with the Polygonal Lasso Tool, so that one can continue the selection with the named tool? The premise of the question is that I have a picture, where one needs both the high and low zoom to select the...
  5. D


    Hello I'm getting very confused. I'm using a set of custom brushes but want to increase the size of the brush to accommodate a larger image. (For simplicity purposes imagine the brush is just a solid round circle) For example, the brush is about 950px but i want it to fill most of an 11x14...
  6. A

    Seeing things after zooming out

    So one would usually expect to AFTER ZOOMING IN to maybe discover some flaws that arent visible while zoomed out. But lately Ill be having the OPPOSITE happen. Ill be working with a file all the way zoomed in, and while it will look fine zoomed in(for example one color directly touching another...
  7. Paul

    Scrubby zoom playing up?

    Works one minute then only + and - zoom options are available, anyone?
  8. nachofrades

    Zoom inverted

    Hi folks! Since I have installed a scanner driver in CS6 the zoom tool works wrong, normally it zoom out, and with ALT it zooms in. I am fooled while working... Thanks.
  9. M

    CS6 - Magnifier by shortcut doesnt work as before

    Hello guys! I use Photoshop CS6. When using the move tool (v), and we need some zoom, we just hit the quick shortcut (ctrl + space) and drag the "magnifier" up or down in order to magnify or decrease right? So, I must clicked or typed something wrong on my software and now the "magnifier" is...
  10. F

    Zooming within Color Range

    Is it possible to zoom in / out of my image while using the Color Range ?
  11. G

    PS for video/animation: how do I zoom to a precise point?

    Hello, I am trying out PS for video for the first time and want to create a zoom effect from a photograph. I want to zoom in on teh eye of the cat, but all PS is offering me in the option is to click a point in teh 3x3 grid to select as a zoom to point. Can I not set my own point that I want to...
  12. hershy314

    New Lens to the Collection.

    Ok really don't think I can call it a collection since there are only two lenses now. I just picked up a 40-150mm zoom lens. The zoom on this thing is awesome. I am surprised at how far it zooms in. Picked up from KEH. Here are a couple shots I took.
  13. N

    iimage gets noisy after editing in RAW and opening it in photoshop

    I shoot in RAW and then i use Photoshop CC to open the RAW file. I do some editing. Then i click on "Open image". The image which is represented is very noisy. If i zoom in about 4 times on the picture, it becomes clear and without noise. If i zoom out then it becomes noisy. This only happens...
  14. D

    Photoshop CS6 looks like sharpening enabled/constant?

    Currently, when inside Photoshop CS6, it looks like there is a sharpening filter enabled constantly, no matter what photo I load. Also, when I do text, it has small jagged edges. However, when I export the photo, it does not look that way when I open the photo in an Image Viewer. If you...
  15. I

    Question about this photo

    Can someone zoom this photo in and zoom right in down right by the sign near her dress I want to know what it reads hope u can help thanks
  16. Paul

    Playing around with the zoom feature.

    Made this with my little Nikon point and shoot, inspired by the Hollywood greats:mrgreen: Trying to get the zoom out as i move inwards and the zoom in as i move away is the trick to it, both must be of the same speed.:banghead: Getting their though :cheesygrin: View My Video
  17. C

    alt+space+drag zoom stopped working & red overlay when changing hardness dissapeared

    Heyhey dear PSG-community, A week ago, 2 functions of photoshop stopped working for me. I remember there was an windows8-Update at that time, this maybe a clue? LMB/RMB = right/left mouse button I'm mainly using photoshop to draw digital, thus I'm very used to the [alt+space+dragLMB] zoom...
  18. Y

    image enlargement/zoom/resize photoshop

    I have a jpg image and i am trying to enlarge the image using photoshop As soon as i open a image and go image-image size and try to choose enlargement options, the picture pixel gets shredded. Please let me know how to enlarge image upto 1000% without loosing the image pixel and making the...
  19. F

    Pixels while zooming in

    I'm trying to learn pixel art in photoshop, and whenever I zoom in a certain amount, I see white lines show up in between the pixels, like a grid. It distracts a bit from the overall picture while I'm drawing and I was wondering if there is any way to get rid of those lines. Thanks guys!
  20. J

    Photoshop 12 - How to Zoom in and save zoomed picture

    Hello: I've tried to zoom and save a picture I took recently. attempted to resize the image, still no luck, picture is viewed as it was originally. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you, Jason