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I love to draw airplanes then I would like to found special thread for all these drawings I would possibly show here - not to spam here with every single piece.
Now I have finished F-16 C/D's - not many chances for colours, guess I should choose something more colourful next time... :) F-16mensi.png
Very cool, this reminds me, years ago I did many years of jet fighter silhouettes, for an airforce buddy, I haven't seen those in years! hope I still have them.


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It has been a long time I have started this topic, now I have next drawn airplane after long period, MiG-21. Guess I could made it with different background, this one looks not too good (as the bad photo...).



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Just looked at your fineart account you have some nice images mate.

The above had been moved why i have no clue.


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The moving of your reply is my fault. I have reloaded the picture cos of small change (the decal on the side of airplane was covered by black shadow...), but when I have edited my reply and added changed picture, then the old picture was still there as "thumbnail" although I had deleted it. I don't know, why it is so, but all I could do was delete all my reply and add it all again. Then it moved below your reply.
But I have read it and thanx...:)
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Anyone can draw Spitfires and Camels, so I would like to make something a little bit different. I have many archive documents of non-realised aircraft projects - airplanes that never were built or were build just only as prototypes or, in the most lucky cases, they were even produced, but in less amount than suppossed and were not as succesful as planned. I would like draw at least some of them in "The Stillborn wings" line...:)
This one is two-seated anti-zeppelin fighter of WW1, designed in 1916 in Britain. In the year they weren't able yet to made synchronicity between gun and propeller, so the shooter was planned to have his gun on the upper wing and to shoot standing behind pilot. The only prototype of the airplane flied 10.8.1916, a ten days later crashed and project of the plane was canceled.


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The next SW is also British anti-zeppelin fighter, but a bit younger. In 1929 Air Minisrtry supposed that possible enemy in a next war (Germany, they found out correctly) will use the Zeppelin scouts and bombers in the first wave of invasion. They demanded a figher plane equipped with a big cannon so as it attacked Zeppelines from bellow, where they were vulnerable. Vickers airworks designed the biplane with Coventry Ordnance Works cannon. Prototype was flying first time in January 1931. It was a relatively acceptable airplane, but evolution of aircrafts progressed, so the Air Ministry did not ask this sort of fighters anymore and this plane was not produced.


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Yes, I know it very well, it's been a very nice fighter machine...:) I could make it, it is not bad idea, though I prefer for now planes that nobody draws/paints and almost nobody knows.


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Well, there are many more interesting designs among SWs, but it is sooo cool for me to have a plane with The Pyramids as background...:)
This fighter began in late 50s in Spain, designed by Hispano Aviation and also by good nazi plane designer Messerschmitt (so the plane is sometimes called "The Last Messerschmitt"), but as the Spain started to buy airplanes rather from USA and France, the Egyptian invited the design team to Helwan to continue project for Egypt. First prototype was built and tested in summer 1966 with British engine Bristol Orpheus, then six next planes. Original Egyptian engine E-300 was prepared for production, but in 1969 was all the project suddenly canceled and the design team was forced to leave Egypt.


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Not all the SWs were military projects... This one started in 1944 when they believed that after the WW2 many american citizens would going to enjoy flying and that to own little personal airplane would be as normal as to own car or motorbike. Lockheed, usually designing successful fighters, bombers and airliners, then came with very good little plane, which was very easy to control and very cheap to construct. Later the company tried to sell it to US Army as transporter for ground soldiers - each soldier could fly his own to battlefield and then abandon it. But the officer who was flying with the prototype crashed and that was the end of this good plane. Though the prototype was repaired, the project was over and the plane went in 1946 to liquidation.
But if it was more lucky and really became the 'flying motorbike for anyone', it could fly maybe till the time of hippies and hippie-cars. Or hippie-planes, possibly... :)
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I take it this is a digital painting? Nice work. I like you style.

Interesting story. Sounds like the flying car concept that henry ford made up. I think it crashed as well.


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Yes, every airplane of this line has got its own intersting story... :) This is one of the reasons I have started with pictures of this kind of planes. Not only to find interesting theme for pictures, but also for all these almost forgotten stories...

What about my technique - it could be called drainting (half drawing and half painting:)), it is combination of both. I have improved it a while, so first pictures of this topic are not very perfect... First I draw an airplane (or military vehicle, in another topic here...) by pencil to paper, then I scan it and open working file in GIMP. I make two layers of the draw, the upper is without white areas, only pencil lines. Then I lay two colour layers - first one with 100pc covering is between pencil layers, the other with 80pc is above both of pencils. And there could be some another layers for special parts - canoppies, moving propellers etc.
First I thought that these pictures would only be lightly coloured drawings, but I found that much better is to cover all the drawing with those 80pc colors, change it to paint and let the pencil lines just help to make surface texture.
Backgrounds are full GIMP paintings, no pencil at all.