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Best mate's birthday and he needs a good laugh!

Hello Photoshop Gurus,

It's my best mates birthday coming up and whilst we were having a few pints over the weekend he asked if I knew anyone that could photoshop a photo of him in full Barcelona football (or soccer) kit and make it look like he was playing at their stadium, the Nou Camp. I have something else in mind though, I want to create a collage of imaginative photoshops of this photo, the crazier the better!

I'd be so grateful for any responses!

Nice, i'm from barcelona and a Fcbarcelona suporter :thumbsup:, the idea of playing is going to be a little hard, because he is with the ball in his hand XD, maybe in the offical team picture in the stadium?

Hello Argos,

That would be amazing, thank you! You're lucky to support probably the greatest club team of all time, that free kick from Messi at the weekend was just another reminder of how beautiful they are to watch!