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Christmas photo

Jerry D

Power User
Yes, sir, I used your image of the baby and blanket. I can't get my stuff to look as good as yours. I don't know how you do it
(..trade secret?..) but I've tried before to get the...what?....detail or what ever it is. Besides, I thought the OP was finished
with this thread and just wanted to post the image after I worked on it so long. No offense intented! :banghead:

Tom Mann

None taken, whatsoever!

I start from other folks work all the time, especially when doing tutorials or free work, and especially if I'm pretty sure the other person will be OK with doing so. Even so, I always mention my source to promote even more collegiality, to give the other guy a pat on the back because his work was so good, and to avoid any possibility of misunderstandings, hurt feelings, etc. Artists can get hyper sensitive about their work. I know because I've had to referee several spats about this sort of thing on the net, LOL.