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Fullsize Photoshop Grid needed!


New Member
Hello everybody!

I want to design a website that is (responsive) fullscreen. That means it should be built up as for example: Google AdWords, YouTube, Wordpress, Wunderlist,.. So with the main navigation on the left side. Unfortunatly I am very bad in setting up a photoshop project, thats why I usually simply use the 960 grid, but then for centralized websites. But now I would like to design a fullscreen / fullsize website (as mentioned) and herefor I need a proper grid. Does anyone have a .psd grid template for me or can create one for me ( I am pretty bad with numbers ;( ) or can somebody tell me where and how I could get one from?

Would be great!

Thanks a lot and kind regards,
Hi Manuel welcome to PSG.
We have members from all around the globe.
We're heading into the weekend and this weekend is a holiday weekend in the USA so response may be slow.
Hang in there.