1. D

    Method for Creating a Grid of Squares to Later Fill in Color

    Hi all, I am new to Photoshop, however, I was hoping to use it to plan and visualize some mosaic tile projects before getting started with the physical medium. Therefore, I am looking for a method to: 1) Create a grid (usually of squares, sometimes rectangles or triangles) to overlap on a...
  2. Bitrey

    Split image?

    Hello, I have this picture here and I would like to make a grid, so that I can make an image for every card. How can I do it?
  3. B

    Snap To Grid

    I am having problems getting snap to grid to work when creating vector paths. I have attached a screen dump that shows the problem. For the test image, I created a canvas 100mm x 100mm with a resolution of 10 pix/mm. The grid size is set to 10mm with subdivisions every 2mm. I then tried to...
  4. K

    After Effects Getting this effect?!

    Hi guys looking for some info on how to pull of an effect similar to the photo, as you can see there are grid lines over the shape of the car and looking to get this effect
  5. C

    Ice-cream Illustration

    Hey fello gurus.. Not posted in a while, been busy with life in general but I will like to share my ice-cream illustration I recently made. I used Ai CS6 for this and as always, used grid and circular construction to create this piece. Let me know what you think...
  6. R

    Cannot Get 'Vanishing Point' Filter to Work

    This is the image from last week where the task was to extend the floor to the bottom of the canvas. I was able to do this in three seconds using Edit>Transform>Perspective, but then Mr. Tom pointed out that it can also be done using Vanishing Point. I viewed two tutorials (Phlearn and Lynda) a...
  7. O

    Help with grid please

    I'm very new to Photoshop and I'd like to create a 'word search' style design as an element to a separate logo. I'm also working in inches, not pixels, so I'm not too sure if that affects it at all. I'm hoping someone can help me out soon, much appreciated.
  8. MrToM

    Is It Just Me..? #3 CC 2015 Grid Display

    I had another go with CC 2015, after all, its been out a while now and and has an official update already, (2015.0.1), so its got to be right.....right? No.....unless its just me! Here's the deal.... Grid options in preferences gives you three display 'styles'...'Lines', 'Dashed Lines' and...
  9. L

    Placing a grid on a blank page

    I have volunteered to do a project where I will be required to place about 100 small pictures onto a larger sheet of paper, print them then cut the photos out. Is there a way to place a grid on the blank page, to facilitate placing all on the photos in line with one another, which will make...
  10. M

    Fullsize Photoshop Grid needed!

    Hello everybody! I want to design a website that is (responsive) fullscreen. That means it should be built up as for example: Google AdWords, YouTube, Wordpress, Wunderlist,.. So with the main navigation on the left side. Unfortunatly I am very bad in setting up a photoshop project, thats why I...
  11. J

    Help removing grid lines from an electropherogram

    I have an electropherogram that has grey grid lines behind it. I tried erasing the grid lines but it is tedious since it's a long list. Is there an easy way to remove the grid lines quickly without affecting the colors of the electropherogram? I have attached a short sequence that shows the grey...
  12. L

    Have I set up this grid system correctly for a vertical menu

    Hi I'm new to web design and I was wondering if I have set up the grid system properly for a vertical menu? The grid is a 1170px width with 30 px gutters. Because I've looked for a tutorial for setting up a grid but can't find one with them setting it for a vertical menu. Here's my set up...
  13. B

    Calculating the Square Meterage of a Selected Object

    I have a grid over my fantasy map. the grid has 42px by 42px squares. Each 42px equals 103 meters. after using the Magic Wand to select my selection i open the histogram and it says the area of selected pixels is 490025. How do I calculate the area in meters. Post a stupid mans forum for...
  14. Q

    Crop-Sizing Jewelry items

    Tired of Trial & Error efforts. There must be a precise method. e.g. : Cropping-Sizing a 1.5" diameter disk into a 2" x 3" rectangle @ 240ppi - the final file size. I've set the grid to 1" with 8 sub-divisions...therefore gridlines at 1/8" H. & V. Messed with that way too long. Please...
  15. C

    Grid Subdivisions not Displaying

    I've been using Photoshop 10+ years and today, my grid subdivisions will not display. The grid will display, but no subdivisions. For example, I have the grid set to "Gridline Every 1 inch" and those display as normal, but no matter what number I put into "Subdivisions", nothing appears. Has...
  16. B

    Removing background grid and "glueing" tiles together

    Hi. I have a tileset that needs to be imported to a tile map editor. Problem is, I need to remove the background grid and join every tile together. Is there a way to automatically remove the background and make all tiles run constinuously, glued to each other? I could select each tile...
  17. pslane

    ChristmasTutorial results

    Hello, I had to get some help with making dotted lines with this tut but I managed to finish it. Lots of details in this one. Thank you for looking and thanks guys for the help. Tutorial: BTW...
  18. T

    Hello Gurus! Question about making custom grids!

    My name is Tim, I am a painter. I usually paint from reference photos, and sometimes I need to make a grid in photoshop, that then will correspond with my canvas or paper irl. Before, Ive basically just gotten out the ol´ calcutor and divided and divided and divide, it takes forever and is a...
  19. S

    Pixelating/squaring off scanned paper punch image.

    Hi, Need some help converting this scan of a mechanical piano roll into a simple picture of rectangular black bars (almost like tetris) against a white background. The paper punched holes stand for notes. Most attempts I've made can quickly distinguish the black bars from the background...
  20. S

    Pixel Art!

    So, here's the ting, I am relatively new to photoshop in general, though I have gotten a hang of some things.. BUT! The thing that's a problem for me now is that I would like to create pixel art, but not the usual 1px style. I know how to do that. No, what I want is for the blocks to be bigger...