hello new member with a question!!

Hi im a new member and unfamiliar with using photoshop, before I start trying is there anyone who can let me know if what I want to do even possible........

I recently got married and my sister in law mentioned that she never asked the photographer to take a photo of her, her husband and 2 children on there own, as they were all dressed up! As a present to her I want to take a photo with myself and my husband in and remove us from this and group her family together. Sorry for the long winded explanation but is this even possible?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Sounds possible but probably require a bit of time to do it right


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......................... As a present to her I want to take a photo with myself and my husband in and remove us from this and group her family together. ................
It would be possible but depending on the lighting and background it could be very difficult or next to impossible for a novice PS user.
You can't post a link but you can post the image directly in this thread.
Post the image and we'll guide you through it.
What version of Photoshop do you have?
Steve touched upon the most important factor, lighting. Try to duplicate the lighting as closely as possible, it will make it much easier to do a convincing job.

I've done this before and I agree with the others that it's not easy to get it looking right. Steve is right - duplicate both the lighting and the angle of the light as closely as possible. If the original was taken outside on a sunny day, take the picture you want to cut in outside on a sunny day at approximately the same time of day.

Or did you mean that you wanted to simply remove yourself and your husband from an existing photograph? If that's the case, you eliminate the difficulties of trying to combine two different photographs. Although exacting and fussy work, either one can be done in Photoshop be someone with some experience.

Either scenario would be quite difficult for a novice to do without help. And you've come to the right place for help!!
thank you for your reply.

i have been trying to upload the photo but doesnt seem to work......not sure why its not working - when i upload it, it doesnt seem to do anything?


This is honestly the best I could do in the time I had. It looked very unnatural to have the huge space for you and your husband between the two children, so I re-arranged the geography of the venue a bit. ;)

Wedding1 copy.jpg
I have just seen your finished photo, you know it doesn't look bad. The Lighting matches the layers and background, so you can't tell its a montage at all.