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Help needed to change background to black


Thank you.. Really wonderful :) :)

When you find time, can you do a similar work on his other pics too..?

Thank you for spending time on this.

Have a good day :thumbsup:


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This is stricktly my personal opinion.
In a case of photo's with emotional connection people tend to expect a special altering.
But sometimes it is enough to 'clean' the picture of disturbing elements in a way to focus on the main 'object'.
Placing the focus element on a new and alien background disrupts the overall memory.
In your case the photo's were taken in your home and that entire 'ensemble' is in fact the whole memory.
In a couple of cases it would not be inappropriate to alter the picture in something special but I would not alter all of them but just clean and reposition them.

You've seen the alterations where your dog was placed on a black background. I'm sure you that did not fulfil your expectations!

By the way, here are some basic rules when photographing a specific 'object'.


I'll show you some examples soon.
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I agree with Eggy and I certainly understand that you miss your friend. However, I think you're now taking advantage of our generosity by adding more free edit requests.

Our website is primarily a discussion and training forum. As a rule, we don't mind free requests, but since this forum's purpose is to provide instruction and advice on Photoshop procedure and techniques, I would much rather help you in accomplishing any Photoshop effect you would like to attempt for yourself. I ask you to consider that these edit requests take time and effort on our part. For me, I have now lost interest in helping someone who is not interested in helping himself. You can start new threads on ONE image and how you would like to make changes to that image, and we will help you in doing so.

If attempting these edits on your own is not something you would like to try, then I suggest that you take advantage of our Freelance Work (Fee for service) section.
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