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Interesting photo for photoshopping

Bryan David

New Member
Saludos desde Puerto Rico.

I've never used photoshop. I made a zen garden-inspired arrangement using a shelf.
arreglo de arena afuera.jpg
I put it as my desktop background but it has a bland background. My idea was to post it here. Please take a look. It would be cool if someone green screened it and designed an interesting background, with normal 4:3 dimensions.
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There are several likely reasons you have not yet received a response to your posting:

a) It sounds like you would like someone to do this for you, rather than learning how to do it yourself in Photoshop. Many of the participants on this site prefer teaching PS rather than doing freebies. That being said, there's a good chance that someone will come along and help you out with your request. Give them time -- we are scattered all over the globe in different time zones.

b) There are literally an infinite number of backgrounds that could be added to your picture. They could be dark, light, simple, complex, colorful, monochromatic, funny, philosophical, Gary Larson cartoon-like, etc. Because of all these possibilities, the chance that someone will add a background that agrees with your tastes is almost zero. I think that most of the regulars here reading your post realize this and don't see much payoff in taking what amounts to a complete shot in the dark. However, if you give us a bit more information and tell us what you have in mind, or provide a few links to examples of Zen art that YOU like , I think your chances of getting a response will be vastly greater. For example, a quick look through Google images shows nice examples of backgrounds to Zen art such as spreading circular ripples, sinewave-like patterns, real-world sand dunes, real and stylized / calligraphic grass, etc.

Good luck,

Tom M
Rocks in the hand of a rock collector.

We have a freelance section if you have more lavish requirements my friend:mrgreen:
Tom Mann, the idea was really to just share it with you guys. I think the fun part is exactly what you mentioned; you guys, the photoshop artists, use your creativity to put my art in whatever background you like—only if you want to, of course.

Thanks Paul, I think that turned out great!