line around my picture when I remove background

Hi Paul, yes the pdf tab looks like this, I guess its the best quality for printing right?
and sure I will show you the end result and I would like your opinion on it too if you don't mind. :)
Paul, I need your help again please. I finished working on my file, and it looks great. I saved it as pdf, under (high quality print), but it turns out with only acceptable resolution when I upload the file to the printing shop website. So I saved it as jpg and used it in microsoft publisher and saved it there as pdf and uploaded it, and it turned out excellent resolution. How can I fix that please? Thanks.


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Personally, I'd avoid saving as a pdf if I were to submit an image or a work for printing. It's a whole can of worms to begin with, most especially if they have to include the image in a layout . Are they adding in the text?

Can't the printing shop website accept TIF images? That should be the widely accept norm.