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Macros (& super-macros) taken with your smart phone

Post your best shots here, in this thread. Since it's so easy to go overboard with this fun type of photography, I suggest each of us restrict ourselves to posting no more than two pix per day -- make 'em your best!

If you want to challenge others to identify your photo, bring it on!

To start things off, here are two shots I just took. The 1st is of some tiny cupcake tins. I took this using the technique suggested by "ForeverFallingAngel", ie, using an auxiliary lens in front of my iPhone.

My 2nd shot (taken with the same iPhone) is of the auxiliary lens that I used. It is a huge (ie, 2.5 inches diameter) eyepiece (ocular) for an old World War II tank gunsight.



I will post 2 tommorrow as already posted loads lately (my bad) I just have that many photos I don't know what to do with them lol but thanks for the thread I swear by my iPhone I have a camera but its just not as good in my opinion even tho at 12.0 megapixels quality should be higher :s I have a hitachi HDC-1296ER
My 2 submissions for today : 1st being wax from outside candle dripped onto stone wall underneath it

2nd is wood cinders in cobwebs on the same wall from the wooden part of the outdoor candle

3rd image is my lens I use to take these shots :)

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@OP - FYI, I now can see the two macro images, but can't see a picture of your adapter lens. Why don't you give it another shot.

Here are my two submissions for today. Both were taken with my iPhone 4s + the close-up adapter lens shown in my previous post.

The 1st is an extreme close-up of the pixels in the screen of our high def TV. The soft, blurry thing is a tiny bit of dust. It is out of focus because it is on the very front of the screen, not inside where the actual pixels reside. I intentionally included it to introduce a bit of a break from the completely repetitive pattern of the pixels.

The 2nd image is the nose piece of a pair of eyeglasses. Obviously, I had some post processing fun with it.




OK -- I can finally see all your images now, so I'm going to clean up this thread by deleting all the "can-you-hear-me-now" type of posts. LOL!
And here's a couple of iPhone macro shots from me today. I was in an orange mood. LOL. I didn't use my closeup lens for either, just the reasonably close focusing ability of the iPhone 4s.

As u can see, I went bonkers with post processing on the shot of the little (2 inch wide) lamp shade, but left the dried flower arrangement alone (except for contrast, saturation and resizing). Now that I compare them, I think I wasted my time playing with the lamp shade image. I thought it would make a neat abstract pattern, but IMHO, it didn't really pan out.

BTW, in case anyone is interested, I lit the dried flowers with a bright LED flashlight aimed at a piece of white paper acting as a scrim. If I ever try this again, I'm going to have to grow a few more arms -- it was no fun having to figure out some way to hold the light and prop up the paper without getting out my real light stands.


PS - I hope some other folks join in and post some cell phone macro pix. The newer ones do an amazing job and are always with you.


@Fallen - Your ultra-closeups are amazing. With that much magnification, I feel like I'm a microbe swimming around in some sort of alien environment.

@tom I like the lamp but have to say i love the flower simply because its more natural I did tell you which lens to use in previous post so u too could join my alien world lol I'll go take my 2 pics for today and add them :)
My 2 for today the first is a 2p coin soaked in battery acid quite unusual colours which I haven't played around with but second image which is side of a fossil rock I have lightened so u can see more detail hope you like them

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re: "...so u too could join my alien world..."

Thanks for the invite, but it's a bit too scary looking in there. :eek:

I can easily get the same amount of magnification with my lens, but with all that fibrous material in your pix, I can't help but keep thinking of the scenes of Vincent Price or Jeff Goldblum at the end of the famous sci-fi movie, "The Fly", and it's later remake:
http://www.blogcdn.com/blog.moviefone.com/media/2010/10/thefly1958.jpg or


It's fun seeing what one can do with setups like this, but, to be honest, I'm getting tired of keeping my jury-rigged setup all in one piece, and I really don't want to dedicate my really high quality slide-viewing lens to this task, so I think I'm going to go back to my regular camera for macros unless I need this particular look for some project.

T'was fun. Hopefully someone else will join in.

I'll just post here I don't mind being alone then u can see the macro without the hassle maybe give me some ideas on what u wanna see at close range I love macro,photography and drawing I uploaded an eye last week in drawing forum n today I uploaded a full body first attempts but I love anything creative I guess it's the Aquarian in me lol maybe you could post a new sticky for yourself too n show off your work I've not seen much of it I shall remain here in my alien world pahahahaha :)
I'll have a good look when I get back in tesco shopping it's so quiet lol just how I like it but defo will post some when I'm back got loads stored on Facebook n Flickr I take too many lol :eek: