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Mercedes 350 SL 1980 "Restoration"

Rajeev Desai

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Hi Chris,
That's exactly what I mean. I'm using CS6 too. The puppet warp tool is not easy to handle in this case.
I saw some perspective warp tutorials but I'm curious to see this tool in action in this project.

I tried to achieve what you said. It is really difficult to achieve the almost-perfect perspective image. But this preliminary (although imperfect) effort has taught me what I should be doing next to get nearer to perfection. May be, some other time I will redo this, and if it is any good, then I will put it up for you all.

I know that the front of the car is not what it should look, but as I said, this is my first attempt, and I know what needs to be done next.... didn't had sufficient free time to do it this time itself, so... Sorry! :)

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Thanks for your effort Rajeev. I appreciate it very much.
As you mentioned it is a very difficult task and hard to get a good result.
The car now shows the "super wide angle look" of the original image, though it looks all wrong und blurred.