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Specific Need help changing text in a logo


I would greatly appreciate if someone could change the text in this logo. I would like it to spell "El Pico" instead of "El Monte", using the same font and styles. logo.png


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1 - is the texture on the image needed? it really makes things harder
2 - it would be way easier if you could tell us the name of the font
3 - this looks like a job which would be better done by someone using adobe illustrator, mainly if you plan to use it as a logo
Thanks for the reply.

1. Would rly like to keep the same pattern, or atleast something very similar. Would probably look totally different on white background?

2. Im sorry i cant be sure what the font is. The Logo was done originally over 10 years ago for my familys restaurant, now upon expansion would like to use the same logo. I used Myfonts.com to try to find out, and it had results as: Congress, Congress regular, anavio, anavio small capitals, and eulipia bold.