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New Member with new Photoshop problem with Clone/Healing Brush to resolve


New Member
Hi Everyone!

I just joined today and have an issue which I hope one of you Gurus can solve. I am running CS4 and recently upgraded to OS (10.9.4) Mavericks. My issue is that I was recently editing photos and the tool bar suddenly looked differently so I started opening menus to try figure out why I no longer had the sizing slider on the horizontal tool bar for the clone and healing brush tools. Although I was able to restore to the tool bar I was used to, I have altered something that makes both the clone and healing brush tools unusable. Every time I click on those tools and and attempt to take a sample by pressing the (alt) Option key, the images begins to move with the mouse making impossible to touch up the area of the photo which needs fixing. There is also a second copy of the image underneath that remains stationary, but I have no idea what is causing the top image to move around. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Geoff T