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Laura Downes

Hi all,
I am new here & actually new to forums so this will be doubly fun :)
I have been a "amateur photographer" for just over a year & am just realising that I am more drawn to the retouching than I am to the photography sides of things so am wanting to learn everything about photoshop so I can focus more on the retouching side of things.
If anyone has any tips to get me started I would greatly appreciate it :) Otherwise I am excited to learn from other posts & hope to get to know a few new people that know what I'm talking about when I even mention photoshop :lol:
Welcome to the forum, Laura.

There's so much information you can find throughout the forum most especially in the General Photoshop Board as well as in the Photography section.

But first.... You do use Photoshop in a way, right? How are you with it? My first advice is to familiarize yourself more with it's tools. It's not just a matter of using brightness/contrast controls or any of the adjustments. You need to know the usage of the tools found in the Tool Box. as well as learning how to create selections with the pen tool which is one of the most important, widely used tool and procedure to do when editing or enhancing images.

Try going through the special effects discussion and examples we have here - L I N K S: Popular Special Effects Explained. Maybe it will give you inspiration as to what questions you may want to ask.... Don't hesitate to ask questions - big or small.

Enjoy your time here.
Thank you for your reply :) I have a bit of knowledge on photoshop but I was to take it to the next level (ultimate goal is to do retouching for others & get paid for it) I will have to take up your advice and get to know everything in photoshop just so I know the technical side as I have only self taught via youtube up until now lol Thanks again :)
The first image is 720 pixel in width. This is rather small to judge the quality like skin texture on your image.
You can post bigger images with 1400 pixel here without any problems.
Another suggestion is that you post a BEFORE and an AFTER picture. This would help to see what you have done to enhance your image.

The second image looks to yellowish and to flat in the skintones. A lot of details are lost in the highlights. But maybe this look was your intention?
Thanks for your input Chris :) as soon as I put the bottom one up I realised just how yellow it was lol
I had a look for my original pictures of any pictures I have taken & found that I have deleted them (first lesson learned right there to never delete)
So I got my hubby to take some pictures today & will edit them in the way I normally edit & post them up when I finish.
Thanks for the heads up on sizes that would be better to be uploaded too (another thing I need to learn is sizing lol)
I know from doing the edit that I need to work out a fool proof way to rid of fly away hair & how to get the colours just right. I want to learn how to do the retouching magazine standards (I have so much to learn I know lol) any other input is welcomed with open ears :D