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Recent content by Geoff

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    Cat Lovers

    Awww that's a great one ljiljana!! Such beautiful eyes on that one!! :D :D
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    Cat Lovers

    Awww that's sooo cute!! ;\ ;\ I perticularly like that one too!! :bustagut: :bustagut:
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    3D 3d show off room

    Unless this is like a Mad Magazine foldout, I think I'm going to have to say that's a bag. [confused] [confused] I don't see it being anything but a garbage bag.
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    3D Dragon wip

    W-O-A-H!! Thats looks awesome!! Good thinking with the pointy thingy on top of the head. Before the top of the head seemed as though it were missing something but you just filled that void!! Way to go Stu!!
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    Realistic Eye?

    Stu, sPECtra, ljiljana, Vee, Wendy, your eyes all look fantastic!! I gotta take a shot at this some time!! :righton: :righton:
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    3D Dragon wip

    That looks awesome Stu!! The ears are really cool!! Not to mention the muscles at the top of its head!! Wowsers!! That dragon will be spiting fire in no time!! ;) ;)
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    Heya Musto, it's great to have you here. If you have questions, there's not a better place in the world to get answers!! :D :D
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    Hello Everyone!

    Tehehe I'm glad everyone is feeling comfortable enough to shed their screen names and help this forum become as personable as possible :D That's such a nice name "Dearne"!! :D I would tell you my name but you guys already know it!! :bustagut: :bustagut:
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    Hello Everyone!

    As long as you keep that cool avatar, that's a-okay with me!! :D :D
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    Hello Everyone!

    how-dey pair_uh_dox!! Great to have ya aboard!! :righton: :righton:
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    Cat Lovers

    I can competely understand what our cats say Wendy!! I think the big one, Eddie, just told me to piss off! LOL :bustagut: :bustagut:
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    Animation Effect...

    Hi storM!!! Great to meet you!! I unfortunatly haven't had the honour to introduce myself to you, but from what I've seen of you work you are an awesome guru! Glad to meet you buddy! :righton: :righton:
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    3D Poser Models for all to use

    Poser Models for all to use {Some nudity in this thread} WOW Rick, Vee those are awesome!! OMG you guys are amazing!! I'm lost for words here!! %} %}
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hi deelo !! :D :D It's always a plessure to have excited and enthusiastic photoshop gurus joining the forum!! :righton: :righton: I can't wait to see your skills in action!! :D :D
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    Excellent Staff.. !!

    Heya OpTimus!! :D :D It's great to have ya :righton: :righton: I'm thrilled that you have found this forum :righton: :righton: It is indeed a place of great comfort and enjoyment :D Our moderators and theKeeper are indeed most helpful :D :D Tehehe, these emoticons are also indeed a...