1. gautamz07

    avaoid popup when batch resizing

    Hey guys , i am running a batch action on a folder , now i have a action recorded. When i have my "override actions save as commands" unchecked (whiich is what i want) , see screenshot below : I get a save popup as below for each image that saves : now thats quite bugging , how do i...
  2. R

    i need help please

    hey guys i need some help i need the same action or similar that used for this photos
  3. N

    Help needed with a Photoshop 3D effect.

    Make me an action that replicates this 3D effect using only the bevel & emboss and other things. But dont use the 3D Panel or 3D Tab
  4. pslane

    Trying to get an action to work

    I am trying to run this action (3D text) and either I don't remember how or it's just not working right. Does the first line of action have to be highlighted in order to get the play arrow to be enabled? When I do that, I still get nowhere. Can I get some help with this, please? Thanks...
  5. N

    Actions Run an action ABOVE another action with a group in it

    Ok folks, I am trying to run an action ABOVE a GROUP that is in another action- In other words, I want to run an action which as a group in it- leave te group active, so that I can use the layers I n that group t adjust things- bu I want to run another action immediately above this action...
  6. N

    change value in many steps during action playback

    i've created an action that selects color range many times with fuziness: 15. i'd like to change this value 15 to any other ex.20. right now i have to manually change it many times.
  7. S

    Action Terminology -- I need help.

    I saw this photoshop action the other day I was impressed with. I'm on the hunt for a similar Action but I'm completely lost on what search terms to use in my hunt. I have 4 images that give you an idea what the action does. I will also use the images to help explain my confusion. IMAGE 1...
  8. Hoogle

    Actions Free long shadow Action Download

    Here is a free action which will allow you to create a long shadow action as I know it is tedious to make individual icons without some sort of automation. Create a new document 300 X 300 with a resolution of 300 and a transparant background. rest is explained in the action if you are new to...
  9. E

    Actions How to... Recomend an action

    Hello, I wondered if anyone could help me with the prcessing of some images. For example, I have an image like the one on the left and I like to make it look like the other on the right. (See attachment.) Can anyone recomend a Photoshop action that could do the job? Best regards
  10. D


    I have around 3000 images. Those are players from NFL, what I need is to cut every player from image and paste into new image with transparent beckground. So, I'm wondering if there is possibility to preform action that photoshop can do it by itself. I hope there is solution for this, it's very...
  11. E

    Hello, I am Ellie and I am new here

    I am a novice on Photoshop. I have often used the Clone Stamp. Today the tool has a grey color on it from a previous action I took and I don't know how to clear it and start fresh on a new photo. Help anyone?
  12. M

    Photoshop delay in executing actions

    Hi there, I have a problem with Photoshop (both on CS5 and CS6). When I perform actions, for example selecting, filling with color, painting with brush, they are executed with a delay (previous action effect appears). If I select area, then draw a line - selection emerges, but no line. If I...
  13. L

    Batch Automation Action to batch create and save framed images

    I have a template file of a frame which you can see here: I would like an action that opens up various images, adjusts them to the size of the blue image, and then saves them as a new file. Is this possible. I have very little knowledge of PS scripts, so if someone was able to do this for me...
  14. D

    Help needed with using Patterns with Actions

    New to the site and I'm wondering if anyone could give me a little assistance! I have jpegs of a LOT of fabric swatches that are to be inserted into a PSD file of a living room as the window blinds and this needs to be achieved via an Action. The way they are intended to work is: • the...
  15. O

    Batch Automation Batch processing with actions

    Hello, I just currently got a wordpress theme for my photography website which has a gallery displaying pictures in landscape alone and scaled to fit the screen. So i want to pre-process all images such that, they are scaled to the height of the screen and centred to a white/black background...
  16. ibclare

    Happy New Year to all and may 2015 surprise us all!

    . . . with the presents of creativity that will ever be gifted to each us of. I hope you all enjoy and make the best of 2015. I don't intend to make any resolutions. They don't mean anything unless you back them up with action. So I simply figure that I have the perseverance and fun to...
  17. P

    Brushes doesn´t work on actions

    I have a problem doing actions. This is what I am trying to do. Open file New layer Paint the new layer 100% black Then use a brush to clear certain areas on the new layer Merge image Save image Stop action When I apply this action, the images I get are completely black. I believe the brush...
  18. A

    What is Photoshop action name?

    what is photoshop action name?
  19. M

    3D Action script not working anymore...?

    I use a 3D action script on a regular basis in my biz as a cover designer. I have been using the same action script to turn covers into 3D for marketing purposes forever. Now, all of a sudden it's not working correctly. I went searching for new ones, downloaded and tried 4 different ones, all of...
  20. M

    This Text Effect?

    Does anyone know how this text effect was achieved (without weathering)? Or if there's an action or plug-in? (Or maybe it's a font.) Thank you.