1. L

    Batch Automation On Using an Action Set and Automate Batch -- Need Help

    Some time back (probably when using CS-3), I had an Action set that I ran with the "Automate => Batch. It would apply the Action set to all the JPG files in one directory and create three files in another directory, all BMP images in three different sizes. It worked perfectly fine. If, say, I...
  2. R

    Help figuring out which filter or action this is or how to do this.

    Here are some examples of what I'd like filters to do: this is what an original photo looks like: could someone tell how this can be done, and if it is an action or filter, which one would do something like this? thank you.
  3. N

    What kind of photoshop action/effect is this!? Looks great

    Hi guys, What a great forum! I'm a photoshopper for several years now, and today i saw an event/announcement design on Facebook and i want to know how they call the effect that used on the person's image. Here it is: i saw this effect before, i thought that someone dit this by hand. But this...
  4. D

    Unable to apply abstract profiles as part of an action.

    Hello - new member here, I am using CS6 on Windows 7. When I try to convert to profile specifying an abstract profile in an action I get an error message: "could not complete the command because of a program error" Has anyone here been able to do this? Thanks Dr. B.
  5. T

    Trying to make an action: replace all images in a batch with a specific image?

    Hi all. Can't seem to wrap my head around this one. Basically I want a batch action to take a folder full of images, retain the filenames, but replace all target images in the batch with duplicates of one specific source image. Things I've tried: Pasting from the clipboard seems to be no good...
  6. J

    Request for assistance to create an action

    Hi All, Request for assistance to create an action in Photoshop cs6 to Batch Change image background to white. I need to batch convert high resolution product images through layer/vector mask +/or channels without using the selection tools. Have tried to create white background layer and...
  7. anonymust

    Action to strip EXIF data.

    I would like to make an action to do the following 1) Resize the image to 600x600 without losing any image quality (or dots per inch) 2) Strip all the EXIF data 3) Save the image (and also IF the image is a PNG format, convert it to JPG) How can I get this done?
  8. Dig San

    Actions Fibonacci Spiral Action

    Has anyone had any success creating an action to create a Fibonacci spiral? I'm think more along the lines of a seashell than a flower. Thanks, DS
  9. A

    Automation - Create thumbnails with filename on sheet

    To make things easier to understand, I'll explain what I do: our sports' photography department makes photos of several sports teams, we print the photos, we put them in a basic two-sheeted album, and then send the photos to the team. As we print all the photos together, they are on a big pile...
  10. Hinchin

    How to: make one object change it size due to another in Batch mode

    Hi Guys, I have a questions, I was tried to google it, but I have no idea how to write the request in short understandable way. I need to do following. I want to create Action to use it in Batch. The Action should put my signature on photo, and signature should be adopted to the size of...
  11. M

    Actions Insert mouse-click in Action?

    I have a third-party plugin which require a mouse click to change settings and the mouse-click won't get recorded when I'm recording the action. Is it possible to change that somehow?
  12. K

    Action problems!

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can help me with a problem I'm having creating an action in Photoshop. I'm trying to create an action to put a watermark and gold frame on photos (Photoshop CS6). I will need to add it to many photos at a time (100+) so plan to add it to a folder using...
  13. F

    Actions Accessing selection style through action or shortcut?

    Hi, anyone know if it is possible to access the Selection "Style" dropdown (Normal, Fixed Ration, Fixed Size) through an action or a shortcut? I can't seem to find it when I try (ultimately I want to make a custom panel, with a button for the style, in Adobe Configurator). Any ideas would be...
  14. R

    Need help with Action : Hide/Show layers and export

    Hi Everyone, Im i trying to save some time and manual work by using an action or script to do most of the work for me, but cant seem to figure out how to do it right... Now its for a jewellery customisation site, where you can choose ring, stone, colour etc. I have all images as separate...
  15. P

    Select in an action

    I have used simple actions for years, mostly to automate mass file conversions. I now have a task that has me stumped. There are several hundred files of scanned text, of a quality and layout that defy OCR. The text is purple, ranging from light to dark, and the background is a mottled yellow...
  16. P

    Actions Making an action that ends displaying a channel mask in B/W mode?

    Hi guys! I've searched all over and can't find a way to do this. I've made an action that makes a channel mask for a curves layer, and the final item in the action is "Select mask channel" with the setting "Without Make Visible"... How do I have it make it visible instead?
  17. Z

    Ducky birthday shoot - using that trendy soft pink effect!

    I had the pleasure of shooting a 2-years birthday party a few days ago. Here's one of the treated photos from the shoot. If you want to see the rest of how the pink effect action affects photos, check out my blog: I made the action myself. If there's enough...
  18. L

    *Question* How to keep/change actions when changing worspaces and after force quit PS

    I'm currently using Photoshop CS5 on a Mac and getting so frustrated with the folowing, and wondering if this is even possible: I frequent between two workspaces and want to assign diffrent sets of actions to them. So my photography editing is done in one worspace and I'm using lot's of actions...
  19. G

    Scripting Need a script that can be automatic remove handle...

    Hi, I have a digital studio so i have to create work path of hundreds of images daily in photoshop, But problem is that every time to making workpath with pen tool i have to alt-click to the anchor point to remove there any way or any script that can be automatic remove handle when...
  20. R

    How do you get this kind of effect?

    Im not sure if this is in the right topic but does any one know who I could get this kind of effect on my photos? thanks guys