1. H

    Actions Action with interval time

    Hello friends, how are you? People, I here to ask something about actions in Photoshop. I'm have a project that some automatic photos are uploaded automaticly to my own FTP server. This upload happends about a 1 minute interval. So, every 1 minute my photos are uploaded to FTP. I want know...
  2. V

    Create High-End Action Figure Packaging

    With collectables, the packaging of the product is often as important as the craftsmanship of the product itself. In this two-part VideoCreative tutorial, author Tim Kyde will explain how to create packaging for a high-end 1/6 scale action figure.Part 1 of this tutorial will explain how to shoot...
  3. T

    Actions Problem with transform in action

    Hello then i try to record a action to insert my logo to a image i do this i start with open a image this in portrait use automate fit image to make sure that is no bigger then 800x800px and then i place my logo in and under size i say 140px wide. and i all look good but is i open a...
  4. C

    Hi, need help with action.. Or automation...

    Hello :) I'm wondering if someone can help me (I know it's rude to ask for help right away) but I am in distress :redface: What I'm trying to do is to create a background of brushed metal, then I'd like to write text directly in the centre, either on a brushed metal button or as an...
  5. qmyxpa0c1l34

    Vibrent Warfare Background

    Epic War/Gun Effects This is one of my first projects, tell me what you guys think.
  6. P

    Who wants a challenge?? Variable cropping action needed!!

    Who wants a challenge?? Variable cropping action needed!! I am a photographer ad have recently started working with youth and junior sports sections. Part of the job is to shoot a series of action shots (approx 10) starting with them running in a zig zag towards the camera. Each of these...
  7. S

    Actions Need help with an action!!

    Hi guys! First post here! I really hope you can help! I'm having a massive issue with creating an action on my new pc which I have NEVER had problems with before and its destroying me! I'm a photographer so I stamp all my images with my logo in the bottom right hand corner. To save alot...
  8. G

    Need Help With an Action

    Hi, I am trying to you an action to sharpen photos. Here are the steps I am incorporating into the Action: Smart Sharpening Technique 1. Resize image; Convert to a Smart Object; Smart Sharpen; Click the eyeball to turn it off; Select All (Ctrl + A); Copy (Ctrl +C); While holding down...
  9. N

    Crop and Straighten photos causes "copy" to show up in Action

    Crop and Straighten photos causes "copy" to show up in Action Files are: a128-58-copy when they should be a128-58-copy I have narrowed it down to the Crop and Straighten function. Photoshop > File > Automate > crop and straighten thanks for your help!
  10. M

    Photoshop Action request (and/or similar effect) [Semi-NSFW image]

    I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a similar Photoshop action that was used on this picture. Source unknown. I don't know if this is even an action for it looks like it was done all manually. I love that color and I love the effect from the shadows (HDR?). Anyone have any idea...
  11. S

    Looking for Action to Create Greeting Card Image

    Anyone know where I can get one? I don't want a greeting card template. I can create the cards just fine. I just want an action to create an image of a greeting card. I've scoured the net and can find actions to create business cards, book covers, magazine covers, ..... but none to create...
  12. S

    Clicking between windows in cs4 applies action

    I don't know if this is a bug or if it's normal, but in cs4 (on windows 7 64 bit) if I click on a window/picture that is behind another one, my current tool will apply it's action to the picture I clicked. For example, say I have the brush tool currently selected and I have two or three pictures...
  13. K

    Batch Automation Photoshop Action/Automation Needed. Hopefully i make sense : )

    Hi, how is everyone doing? Thanks for taking the time to read my post and responding. Hopefully i explain what i'm trying to do well enough to be understood. I am a photoshop beginner so please bare with me. I am essentially trying to apply images (graphics) to phones and other devices in...
  14. TerryC

    Pop-OUT action

    Here is an action I got from | Photoshop actions & other resources - and my results. Very easy to do.
  15. iDad

    Actions Action

    I have a bunch of text layers,lots of them (already rasterized) I need to give a waving flag like effect, kind of like this: but more dramatic I was thinking,I wonder if there is an Action out there that would do it.anyone have an idea? warp tool will take to long on each
  16. I

    Actions Action Ebook merge left right page in ane wide

    Action Ebook merge left right portrait pages in one Landscape Hello... We have an Ebook in PDF format. I want to merge left and right pages in one lanscape pdf or jpg. I convert that pages in jpg format. I merge manualy with photoshop as bellow. 1) Open 0001.jpg file (left size) 2) Resize...
  17. R

    action on one layer

    Is it possible to let an action work on just one layer? How can you do this?
  18. J

    HDR Script- Help

    Hello, Im attempting to make an HDR Timelapse. I have a bunch of images in a folder. I need to merge every 3 of them into an HDR image and then resize to 1920 x 1080. Is there any kind of action of script I can set up to grab three images, merge to HDR, and then resize and save?