1. A

    Batch Automation cropping phtos

    Hi there! I've got just 100 people portrait photos. Different format, different focus. There are ones that horizontal, there are others vertical, there are that ones that not even centered/aligned. What I want to do is to resize them all cropping only face. Is there by any chance some action...
  2. M

    Actions free photoshop cs5 fire action

    Hi I hope it's the right place I am seeking for an photoshop action with realistic fire to put on text and perhaps photos or shapes. Because I only use it for my own private things such as a poster to my nephew and stuff, then it has to be for free. can anyone help me out where to find it
  3. C

    Photoshop trying to save images to 100 x 100

    I set up a photoshop action last night to resize and save a batch of png files this worked ok however it gave two copies of each image for some reason which was not a big issue for me however when I try and save a png file today it is trying to resize it upon save to 100 x 100 pixels, I just...
  4. T

    After running an action I get this on the panel

    Why does the layer turn this color after running this action?
  5. E

    Collapsing layers panel at once?

    i have like 50 psd several layers with effects on each of them. i want to collapse them all layers panel but action is not working. is there a way to do it?
  6. joebeaven

    Batch Automation Batching Action Still Only Saves One File

    Hi, I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate and Photoshop CC 2015. I want to create two actions: one which resizes the image to 1600px wide and saves for web and another that does the same thing, but also flips the image horizontally. I want to be able to process a batch of all the images in a folder. The...
  7. C

    Actions Editing Actions

    I have built the attached Action. The SAVE records the Folder in use during construttion. I would like to uee this Action on any folder of mages. Is there any way to make the Save a general save so that the action saves to whatever folder Iam using? This has een driving me nuts!!!!
  8. F

    Action to get hex codes of images?

    Hi everyone I have an interesting puzzle to solve.... not sure if this is even possible. What I have is a bunch of image files, and I need to compile a list of the hex codes of the color used in those files. Is there a way to create an action that finds the hex code and then pastes it...
  9. inkpad.t

    Photoshop Actions

    Hi all, I was just wondering if any of the gurus here use actions in there work flow ?, I've spent many hrs learning how to do things, but sometimes an action that gives you the same result that was purchase from a site i feel is just as good as taking the time to learn it yourself. Although...
  10. H

    Photoshop save action

    Hello ,couldnt find the answer ,mby just blind. So I got (for example) an book page ,must select 1 letter and save as the png with name (for example) image-001 ,then select second letter and save as image-002, I got an action to the point of saving but then cant find how to make it automate the...
  11. B

    Actions Paint the moon action sets

    Hi, I am looking at buying the Paint the moon - Grace collection action sets. Has anyone bought this, or any other of her other action sets? Are they any good? Worth the money spent? Thanks!
  12. T

    Compositing images

    I have a large number of Powerpoint "slides" individually saved (png) and need to make them usable in 16:9 videos. Is there a way to import files(3:4)on to a new background (16:9), expand them to fit and save them? Preferably using a script or action. Thanks
  13. K

    Batch Automation Is there a way to batch process various sized images to 6 x 4"?????? Help please :)

    Hey guys, First post woooo! I'm trying to batch process or create an action that will allow me to resize multiple images (like 250) of various dimension to a 6x4" canvas without cropping any of the images in the process. I'm struggling very well and would definitely appreciate some wise input...
  14. kaitlynbrown

    Best Way to Create Gradient as Part of a Custom Photoshop Action?

    Hi all, I'm creating a whole batch of custom actions in Photoshop CC 2015 to make it easier to adhere to a customer's style guide. One of the specifications in the style guide is for an approved method of layering a gradient over an image (involving an unnecessarily complicated set of steps, but...
  15. J

    Batch Automation Batch action of layers

    Hi, I'm wondered if anybody can help me. I'm looking to create an action to do the following task. I have a .psd file with X amount of text layers in a folder and a folder which is like my base layer. I need to switch on a text layer save this with the base layer and move onto the next text...
  16. R

    Actions Extend Selection in Action

    Hi, I am very new to this forum and would be very happy if someone could give me a hint on the following issue. An action that I run in PS 6 defines a square selection relative to the images size. I have tried many ways to do that i an action that I created, but rather unsuccessful. Whenever I...
  17. C

    Batch Automation Photoshop Action for two different images for Batch

    Hi, Im going crazy trying to make an action where I can place two different images and then use it in batch, I need a Document 8x12 where I can place 2 images 6x8 and then process a folder in batch with 65 images to be ready to print in a paper 8x12, can some body please tell me how to do it...
  18. R

    Batch Automation Help with batch action

    Hi all I'm hoping someone can help me out with an action please? I'm a school and nursery photographer and spend much of my time dragging and dropping images onto a proof card in photoshop. Basically each proof card has 3 images on and at the moment I'm opening all of the photos in the file...
  19. P

    Photoshop Action using two different images

    Is it possible for me to merge two images in a Photoshop action? I want to add a paper for texture for a set of images. Thank you in advance.
  20. Tom Mann

    Anyone recognize the smartphone app to give this waxy, almost cartoon-like effect?

    A friend asked if I knew what cell phone app or web-based editing program was used to give the waxy, crayon-like, almost cartoonish appearance to the attached image. I'm not talking about the shallow DOF, the green from the Hg vapor lights in the ceiling, the general blur, or any of the other...