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  1. R

    What is wrong with this shot? Need feedback & advice

    Hi everyone – I would love some feedback and advice on a project I’ve been working on over the weekend. I’m doing product photography and shot some boxes and feeding sets. I’m not over the moon with the results and would love to improve them The first shot is a box shot – I’ve shot on a...
  2. A

    Picture transform - help needed :)

    Hello, I have the following problem. I need to change some photographed pictures into let say symbols. I have an example here how it should look like: Photo: Symbol: s there any program for this? I hope that someone can give me advice how is the best way to do it. Thank you all in...
  3. A

    Hello my name is Aki

    Hi everyone. I've been using Photoshop for years to paint scanned drawings. Recently though I'm dabbling in photo manipulation. Would appreciate all the help and advice I can get! :)
  4. D


    hello PSG. i was just wondering if this is possible to restore to its original quality as seen on the photo BORDER. I would be very grateful if somebody could advise me of HOW. i am of limited skills, so here is hoping it can be done. I am wishing to keep all the photo and not crop it. i am new...
  5. H

    Do you think that the company name on the logo is too long?

    Hey! I tried to make a logo for appliance repair website . I am new to designing and have no prior knowledge of it. I was wondering if you can give me some advice on how to improve the logo. Thank you!
  6. T

    Effects or techniques for these faces

    So, I am working on a pic I plan to probably use as a CS:GO avatar or just for what ever...anyway this is what I have so far. I am at a loss on (have tried a bunch of plug-ins and filters to no avail) any advice or ideas on the face and maybe background? Really hoping for some help with the...
  7. K

    Wanna be/hope to be

    Hi everyone, I have been taking some really nice photos over the years and have gotten some great feedback - even offers to purchase prints. I know that I need to develop my PS skills. I have fun taking photos and I make the usual oops's. I'm looking for some guidance and advice on how to get...
  8. D

    Hello everyone

    New guy to using photoshop, learning new things everyday, but always looking for advice and inspiration from people who are really good at using it.
  9. A

    Image comparison

    Hello guys! I'm currently working on my final paper about lens testing. I want to do a image comparison like this: So I basically want to over lay my two images perfectly and then somehow blend one over the other (in the middle). I guess for the most of you this is an pretty easy job...
  10. H

    Need advice/help editing my logo

    Hello! I just received my logo back, and I am so disappointed. I really wanted the C to mesh with the M and the tail to be curled looks off. The person that I paid, wasn't listening at all so now I just need to figure it out myself. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice or the...
  11. D

    Advice on How to go about Creating this effect

    Hi, I'm hoping that this isn't too big an ask. Is anyone able to give me an idea (or point to a tutorial) on how to emulate this effect? Also, what is the name of this effect? It's pretty much impossible to google something you don't know the word for Thanks in advance for any help or advice DJ
  12. chrisdesign

    Penguin Invasion

    Help please...penguins have invaded my bathroom. I really appreciate any good advice from you gurus!
  13. M

    HELP: How to achieve this dark effect

    I have seen this done a lot and each time I see it, I fall in love with it even more (the "after" photo). I am not sure what this effect or technique is called, but does anyone know how this is done? Is there a name for this technique, or a particular plug-in/filter? I can't seem to find any...
  14. S

    3D Need help

    Hello, I need advice on how to make this picture perfect. Thank you.
  15. K

    Remove gutter shadow from colour scan?

    I've been playing around with this for ages now and just can't get it looking right. Surely there's a better way! Can anyone offer some advice about how to remove the rather obvious gutter shadow from this scanned image. Thanks so much.
  16. J

    Recreating Effect - tonal photo

    Hello, New to photoshop and looking to recreate images like the one attached. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
  17. A

    Making a drawing look old..?

    Hey guys, this is my first thread on the forums! I have a drawing that I would like to make look like sort of an old painting from around the 17th century. I have no real idea how to go about with this and I was hoping for some advice :D This is kind of the style I'm going after: And this is...
  18. Hoogle

    Merry Xmas PSG And Update on me...

    So some of you may be wondering where I am and how I am keeping my title, Well the truth is I do not know why I still have my title but I can explain where I have been. The best part of the last year I have been in and out of Hospital due to a condition called Tumor lysis syndrome amongst many...
  19. G

    Any advice on to how to make this enameling look more like, enamel?

    Hi, I´ve made this logo/sign (the black one) in illustrator and I´d need it to look more like enamel or metal finish. I´d prefered to do this in illustrator, to keep it scalable, but guessing it´s easier in PS? If so that will be ok for now. I like the finish of this red one I found. Any...
  20. M

    hi new member from uk

    hi everyone I am hoping to get some great advice and looking to learn