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  1. B

    Changing color of certain element in an image.

    Hello, Is there a newbie friendly way to change the color of the light gray structure in the attached images to very dark gray / black ? I tried using the color replacement tool, but it sort of works with more vibrant colors and not with the darker ones. The general hue/saturation only affects...
  2. S

    love photoshop but.....

    Hi Everyone, I'm here to ask some advice about general things!! I'm mainly self taught at Photoshop but I can't fathom how to do many things I need to do many which I'm sure you;ll think are very simple!! Maybe in time I'll even be able to offer a few beginners some advice too!!
  3. F

    Fine Jewelry Editing

    Hello Everyone, My name is Phillip and I'm new to the community. I currently work as a product photographer and I'm currently having trouble with editing the fine jewelry that I've photograph. I'd greatly appreciate anyones advice or help with what I'm currently editing. I'll post my pictures...
  4. M

    Hi from Melissa

    Hi there, I've been shooting professionally for years, but my deep dark secret is that any joy I derive from shooting is largely overshadowed by my fear/misery of Photoshop. I just don't find it at all intuitive and I struggle mightily with using tutorials to improve my technique. I'm hoping...
  5. P


    Hi, I'm fairly new to Photoshop and must admit find it quite daunting but I know it's a brilliant program so I'm eager to learn enough for what I need it for. I can see myself coming back to this website often for advice so I've bookmarked it. I'm currently using Photoshop CS2. Hope everyone's...
  6. S

    help for a novice?

    hi, can anyone help with advice on this, can the back ground colour be changed to a light blue from the orange? also any help on how best to do it if its possible! thanks
  7. F

    geek wanted, add on problem

    Cannot get rid of I set my home page to another but it keeps coming back. It does not show in the add ons. Unlike some other unwanted toolbars, it doesn"t show in the software. It is a nuissance. I asked for advice on the leading computer forum in Belgium but I think they have all...
  8. A

    Airbrush Background

    How would i create and airbrush background like the image here? Please could someone help me? : :)
  9. A

    My Nametag

    Nametag for a game i play ( world mafia if you've ever played it) What do you think? Is there anything i could do to improve? Thanks :)
  10. P

    Help with making a picture

    Hey guys, I need some help with making a picture of a dog's face inside a flower. (call it Collie (dog's race) flower.) :) I posted 2 attachments in the post - 1 for the actual dog's picture and the 2nd for the referrence of what I want to make, but I don't know how to make it. If it is possible...
  11. G

    CardStock / Cardboard Texture Advice

    Good Afternoon Everyone, I am seeking some advice in regard to how I might achieve an effect similar to the picture I've attached below. I'm most interested in knowing how you might go about creating this sort of cardboard texture with the speckled pattern. I've noticed a lot of awesome Mobile...
  12. K

    Advice for getting colors to pop out.

    Does anybody know how the colors on the jacket were manipulated to "POP" out like this? This is the original i know how to color a B/W photo so the skins not an issue however i can never get the dramatic results achieved on the clothing, any tips? Other examples:
  13. Y

    I am very new (5 minutes ago) and need advice.

    [ I have just purchased Corel x5 on ebay and found out later it wads the education version and not the commercial. I was told to get adobe but I liked Corel and was assured by a printing person that as long as I could convert to pdf files and that it had the Pantone colours, that I could do...
  14. B

    Need advice resizing pictures and saving selection

    Hi I take pictures of new employes and publish them to our intranet. Every time I take the picture from same distance and with same camera. I import the picture to Photoshop Elements 8.0 and resize it from 2592x4608 pixels to 800x1422 and then i make a rectangular selection that only shows...
  15. SirHale

    Advice on how to achieve an effect?

    Long story on why I actually want to do this, I'll try to summarise it. Basically me and my friends have this thing called 'Epic Fridays' where we go out on a Friday and... It's epic. Anyway, we're gonna actually go so far as to write an archive to record all the best moments for looking back on...
  16. F

    New member and advice please

    HI I am a new member. I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer living in Yorkshire, UK. I have been using Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2 but I think it is out of date as some of my photos are unexpectedly corrupting. I want to upgrade to a better version suitable for a mid level...
  17. P

    Advice needed

    here is a before and after but feels like i'm missing something? I will crop the picture later. So on a scale of 1-10 and where do you think I can improve? Keep in mind New to photoshop about a month. Before After
  18. A

    Advice for selecting out a dress from a background

    I have attached an image of a dress on a background. I have a bunch of these photos. Some dresses are dark, some colored, some textured. I need to remove them from the background, which is always this dark cream/brown color. Sometimes the dress edges are similar but always different to the...
  19. Dana Alley

    Need Fresh Eyes and Advice - Christmas Design

    My mother-in-law has hired me to digitally design some Christmas cards. She gave me this description. "this is what I am thinking....snow falling on a christmas tree with a full moon in the backgroundAND (here's the kicker). I want a daisy coming up thru the snow.The daisy is the eye...
  20. P

    New guy here with some advice needed...

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone and jump right in with some pictures to post and get advice. I am self teaching my self Photoshop using books and what ever videos I can find on line. My goal is to become a photo re-toucher for photographers and models. II know I have a long way to go but...