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  1. C

    Can someone help me identify the effect within this graphic/gif?

    GIF/Video - I really like the effects within this gif/video and was wondering what the techniques used are called. Does the effect have a name? I like the grainy darkness of it and the fact it kinda tilts. Any help, advice or tutorials are appreciated...
  2. D

    Changing colour of soles on shoes

    edit: thank you IamSam
  3. L

    Won A Design Contest Need Help Getting My Design Ready For Printing

    I won a shirt design contest and they suggested I send in a vector image but I don't have a copy of Illustrator and I designed it in Photoshop. So they said bitmap images were fine but they have to be 300 DPI and be at least the same size it's going to be on the shirt. My problem is...
  4. O

    Help/Advice needed

    I have had no formal training on photoshop, over the years of running record labels i have had to learn and get through with what i can do. But i am having huge trouble with trying to get any sort of design done for something very small ie 150 x 100 pixels. Any help or advice would be greatly...
  5. G

    Re_Newed Member

    Hi folks! My name is Virginia and I am a continuing learner of Adobe CC as a designer basically I went to Mcfatter College in florida for multimedia digital design course and am honing my skills any advice is greatly appreciated. I am currently working on logo design and entering contests...
  6. D


    Newbie looking for some advice on getting a little better with Photoshop :)
  7. L

    Photoshop cloning advice

    Hi all I have a photo I need to edit and I wanted advice on the best way to do this. I need to remove the carpet area in this image and clone the floor texture. Any advice gratefully received! Thanks
  8. B

    Newbie seeking some advice.....

    I'm new to the forum and am seeking a bit of advice. I photograph motorcycle road racing as a hobby and have used PS for some basic fixes. I recently came across the below image and was wondering what the effect is called and how to go about it. Can anyone point me in the direction of a...
  9. A

    How to black out white spot on my damaged negative?

    Hello Guru's, would appreciate some advice on something that probably is unfixable or has a real easy solution. As you will see in the image attached, there is a distracting white spot on one of the boys face, which i would like to disappear… This is an image shot on film and the white spot is...
  10. T

    Hello and a little advice please :)

    Hello, Just joined the forum. I look forward to learning loads from the gurus! :) I could use a little advice concerning placing (replacing) an existing image on a photograph of a book with a new image. Is it OK to post here or should I hop over to a different part of the forum?
  11. K

    Illustrator What advice would you give someone just starting illustrator?

    What advice would you give an illustrator newbie? What do you wish you had known when you first started using Illustrator?
  12. J

    How to replace the background and still retain some of the subjects features

    Hi Guys Could someone please give me some advice on how I can create the effect on the attached images, I'm going to shoot the subjects against a green screen and need some advice on how to add the background into the silhouette of the subject while still retaining some of their features. Your...
  13. F

    Photoshop n00b greetings

    Hello all, I go by FaeBorne and I am fairly new cosplayer. I want to be able to sell prints of my work, thus the need to learn photoshop, especially since my husband is my photographer. I have played around a bit with Photoshop, but I still have so much to learn and am eager to do so. I have...
  14. N

    Need advice How to extrude in Photoshop CC?

    Hi, I need advice on what method I should immerse myself in order to learn expose/extrude photos from background in CC. I have looked at many films but it will be most confusing. Too may methods.
  15. U

    This is my first composition work and I need advices

    Here is it my first composition work - please advice me how to improve it.
  16. J

    Trouble with Brushes

    Hi I have just bought a new ASUS laptop and installed my Photoshop CS5 on it. All seems to be well except for brushes. For some reason they are simply not showing up. Running Windows 8.1. Any suggestions or advice? cheers
  17. Z

    Advice for Animating a Logo

    Hi, so I have the logo below and I want to animate it for my website so that the dial "revs" up and down. There is a bit of an issue regarding the perspective (it's not flat) that makes it tough for me to just do a simple rotation. But I wanted to get some advice and see if you guys know of the...
  18. K

    Please advice me on revisions to be done in this .psd (Double Exposure photoshop)

    Hi guys, it's been a while. Recently I've been attempting on a double exposure thingy using a selfie of myself with a photo of the Eiffel Tower. I understand that using the photo that I have obtained from Flickr may be without permission (but it was downloadable and I have no intentions on...
  19. M

    Hello! New guy from East of England

    Hello, I wanted to find a forum where I could ask for advice on how to do certain things in photoshop and I believe this is the place! : )
  20. J

    Advice fixing a lighting blow out

    Hey guys! Im new to the forum and average at photoshop, I can get around. Im looking for advice as to how to quickly get rid of the blow out in-between my boys heads and make the background more evenly lit. Thanks for your help!