1. Sugan Kumar

    Brushes Freebie: 20 free construction blueprint photoshop brushes
  2. P

    Hi Everyone

    Hi PS Gurus, :redface: I'm not sure how much I'll post on here cause I tend to be pretty shy, but anyway...I'm more of an intermediate user of Photoshop, definitely not at the advanced level, but not a beginner either. I mostly just make stuff for my own enjoyment with brushes and following...
  3. R

    Hello from Louisiana

    Hello I am a mechanical draftsman by trade, but have been using "pixel painters" for a while. My first painting program was Fauve Software's "Matisse" and I was saddened when I could no longer use it, (though it didn't have layers). Back in the 90's a company I worked for got CorelDraw! 8, and...
  4. P

    Tutorial Help for Sports Image

    Hey everyone! I've been a member on here for a while but this is my first post seeking some help. Hopefully this is the right area to do so. I'm working on a project and trying to achieve a similar result as the Tarasenko image below. I have a variety of splatter and paint brushes but I'm...
  5. B

    Help trying to recreate a lightning burst kinda effect

    Hey all I'm trying to create an effect like the one attached in but seem to be struggling quite a bit. My immediate thought was to use some tree shaped brushes (without leaves) and add a glow around it but they ended up looking way off. I tried again with some lightning brushes but again I...
  6. P

    "Fragmented" effect?

    Hello guys, I'm a newbie in Photoshop... Can I ask for help regarding how to recreate this effect as seen in Tokyo Ghoul's ED... Did they use special brushes and/or textures for the "fragments" at the bottom of the images? If so, how do I apply them? Thanks in advance! Cheers :D
  7. T

    Brushes are transparent when created

    Hi all, I have a problem when creating a brush in photoshop. Maybe this is a basic problem but I almost never work with brushes so I don't know how to solve it. I have this file with some waterdrops: When I create a brush from the drops, Photoshop takes the black and white values from the...
  8. C

    Brushes are "sheer" ?

    Hello, I need help with something that seems simple but I can't figure out for the life of me. I want my brushes to have a white solid background so I can layer them in designs. They don't. When I put a brush over another one, you can see through the top brush and onto the bottom one. It looks...
  9. A

    Using brushes - making them more defined

    Hi all! I'm using a stickman brush (found at I would like it to come out solid, as in the example However, it comes out like Are there any settings to do with brush hardness or layer blending that I can change? Many thanks!
  10. N

    Brushes Photoshop Brushes 2015

    Photoshop Brushes 2015
  11. A

    Looking for extension or plugin *-*Please HELP

    Hi there, There is a program named Krita. It has lots of brushes so you can do extremely beatiful pictures with it. It has brushes that exists in following site: Mod note: This link does not work but new members are not allowed to post links until the required posts are met. Post a usable link...
  12. J

    Trouble with Brushes

    Hi I have just bought a new ASUS laptop and installed my Photoshop CS5 on it. All seems to be well except for brushes. For some reason they are simply not showing up. Running Windows 8.1. Any suggestions or advice? cheers
  13. G

    Photoshop Insight

    I recently got into photoshop, I enjoy working with it. I was browsing for christmas presents and found this, [Images Added] I like there style and was wondering what would be methods to reproduce this type of art, I know I can download splatter brushes and others but how do the colors come...
  14. O

    Brushes Some Help Here ..

    Hi .. Give me a good Website to download Beautiful Brushes plz ? Thanks
  15. D

    Null sign when try to use brushes

    Hello..I've searched this out without luck. Im using a Mac with Yosemite. I've been able to use my brushes without any problem but must have inadvertently changed something. I now have a null sign when I try to apply the brush to my image with error message that says 'Could not use history brush...
  16. D

    How to create brush painted circles

    Would appreciate some suggestions on creating the effect of a circle painted on a surface with a wide paint brush - brush strokes and all. The over all goal is to have what will look like a hand painted target (3 circles) on concrete. I have downloaded some dry brush type brushes but they are...
  17. O

    Brushes won't load in CS6 Extended

    For some reason a large portion of brushes I'm downloading lately will not load. Saying file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop. Is that even possible?
  18. J

    I need help trying to do this type of Brush effect ?

    I need help trying to do this type of Brush effect ? the red and white brushes strokes going down I like to know what type of brush does this type of effect or what was used to do it ? cause I tried all the brushes the comes with photoshop and I still couldnt come close to making the same brush...
  19. Outtacontext

    Problem with Brush Edges

    I've been using Photoshop for years. At work, suddenly, my default round brush does not have a smooth border. Instead it's jagged. Here's a pic of it: I don't know how this happened and I can't seem to get back to the way brushes, etc. usually look and work in Photoshop. I've tried...