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Brushes are "sheer" ?


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I need help with something that seems simple but I can't figure out for the life of me. I want my brushes to have a white solid background so I can layer them in designs.
They don't. When I put a brush over another one, you can see through the top brush and onto the bottom one. It looks messy. Also, I had an old version of Photoshop years ago and it was never like this. I tried pressing, Command, Option and shift when opening Photoshop and deleting that file but that didn't work. This happens if I create a new layer or not. I've attached a pic to show what I'm talking about. I just want each brush to have a white sold background so they can layer nicely, and you wont be able to see through the top brush to the ones underneath. How can I achieve that? :banghead:

Note; I'm using PS CC current version


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To be honest you'd be better off using Illustrator for this type of work but I assume you don't have access to that which is why you've asked here.

This means that although it can be done in PS it will not be as easy nor flexible as Illustrator....if indeed Illustrator can do it.

The brush tool can only be used with one colour, and what you need is two colours, black and white, therefore this is not going to be achieved by using the brush tool.
Your example shows it working just as it was intended....like a brush....with a colour and transparency.

You could create a custom pattern but again its a one colour deal.... and transparency....still not ideal.

What you could try though is to create one example of the 'brush' on a layer, fill in the areas of white on a layer underneath it and then merge them to a single layer.

You can then duplicate this layer for as many times as you need....essentially replacing a brush 'click' with duplication of layers.

An alternative would be to copy this into the clipboard and paste when needed....each paste operation being on a new layer.

The one problem of course is size....if you can get away with transforming then fine otherwise you'd have to do a completely new 'example' for each size you needed.

None of that is ideal by any stretch but then Photoshop is primarily for editing photos.

I don't use Illustrator enough to say if its more suited to this kind of work but I'd be very surprised if it isn't.