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  1. B

    Photoshop colors are not correct

    Hello. I have one question. How can i fix colors in photoshop because they are really different than on computer and web. Check picture. On left is photoshop file and on right is when i click save for web... and that looks like on web and computer too. so basically in photoshop are colors...
  2. S

    Please edit this picture?

    Hi Gurus, If someone have time for this, can you edit this photo a little bit, something with curves, for good colors. For a facebook profile not something special, I want to see what photoshop can do. Tanks! (sorry for my english)
  3. D

    deleting everything but outines

    I'm working on a project that involves fixing coloring mistakes in old cartoons frame by frame. my plan is to do this: make a new layer that's a copy of the first, find some way to delete everything on the upper layer except for the outines, then use the paintbrush tool on the parts of the...
  4. M

    Will you guys please photoshop this house color for me?

    I have to let my subdivision committee know the paint colors by the end of the day and I really need help choosing colors. I want to paint the vinyl siding, the pillars, the doors and window shutter, the frame around the door, the garage, and the moldings/trims. This is my first home and I want...
  5. A

    How can I edit the background on an image like this?

    How do I select the background on the image below so I can make it white and keep the highlighted colors? Thanks a lot!
  6. A

    Color change

    Could someone please change the color of the 3 chrome pieces on the front of this vehicle? Not the long strip just under the hood but the 3 thicker pieces just below that. I'm attaching a photo of a mustang to use as a color sample but feel free to find a better source if its easier. Color I'm...
  7. J

    Seamlessly blend two night images (was: ...change the color)

    Hello, Im looking for your help. Last week I shoot some shots in which I tried to merge in a panoramic, the problem is that at the moment to used Photomerge the colors are very uneven, I tried to used the clone stamp tool. My question is how can I change the color in order to look real. Thanks .
  8. A

    Help with my design

    I am have trouble with elements of my design. I have some very basic photo shop knowledge and would appreciate any help I can receive. I am creating a set of custom poker chips for my personal use. Image 1 is the effect I am trying to create in the outer ring, a sort of stone marbled effect...
  9. M

    Advanced Photo Manipulation Request

    Hello. It's the first time I am asking for help, but I want to also learn. I am making a Website Design and I need some images reworked. Considering that I am only practicing, I don't have any quality and dedicated imagery for my purpose, so I have no other choice but to use stock images. As I...
  10. E

    Does anyone know of a good tutorial for changing colors of a item

    I've seen tutorials in my surfing while looking at the different Photoshop methods. I'd like to find one I found but didn't save, it was how to make a selection of the different areas of something ( in my application my motorcycle ) and then use the sliders to change the colors. I remembered in...
  11. N

    Color Profile issue with Photoshop CS6

    Hi, I am a NIKON user and mostly shoots in RAW. In my recently bought CS6, I am facing issue whenever I open the pictures I am clicking with NIKON 50mm prime 1.8G, do some basic RAW editing, flatten the image and then saving the JPEG in a folder. When I open the saved image in WINDOWS photo...
  12. N

    Tooth Color Analysis Methods

    Original: Method 1: -Convert to Lab mode -Added a 50% gray level Layer above the original and set blend to Luminosity (this is to isolate the colors) -Added a curves adjustment Layer and use the Auto function only on the "a" and "b" channels -Added a posterization adjustment Layer and in this...
  13. D

    black and white

    Is there a difference between B/W and desaturate? They both do the same thing (take out the colors), right?
  14. mokus

    Finding Colors that Desaturate to the same shade of grey

    I can't find anything on this, so it might be a bit weird of a question. Is there an easy way to know which colors will desaturate to the same shade of gray? Is there a rule of which values of a color will calculate into the values of the shade of gray? Are there already pallets of these...
  15. ashley1

    I finally made something I really love. What do you think?

    I'm not sure how the colors will look on other monitors as colors look different on them. So, I made something today that I really love and would like to know what anyone thinks about it. So here goes:
  16. M

    How To Change Eye Color In Photoshop

    I FOund This Tutorial Really Amazing :) with in 5 minutes i was able to change eye colors
  17. R

    Replace a range of colors with just one (or two, see msg)?

    Hi. I have a grayscale image, which has a certain wanted pattern of colours + some unwanted colors. The colors I want to leave are (rgb): 000 666 121212 181818 242424 303030 363636 424242 As you can see, there's a pattern :) Unfortunately there are some really "hard to select" colors also...
  18. P

    Making color appear glossy

    Hi Attached is a photo of part of a house that is painted but the paint appears dull and flat. I had applied new paint colors but the existing paint is old and dull. I would like to make it look more glossy. Is this possible?
  19. 3

    Rookie mistake... :/

    Hey guys, hope all is well! I've used PS since PS4 probably, but sadly, spent 10+yrs away to focus on the server/security side of the internet... Anyway, I created this logo for one of my hobby businesses, and before I saved the original layered, psd file, I flattened it and never went back to...
  20. R

    Is there an authoritative data source for named colors?

    My niece wants me to make return-address labels for her in Photoshop. When I asked if she has anything specific in mind, she said that she likes the colors Turquoise and Sea-Foam Green (although not necessarily using them together in the labels). Sounds simple enough, but what, exactly, are the...