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  1. A

    Making my first textures for a model. Looking for advice.w

    Hey guys, I'm trying to make a mod for Skyrim adding in armor and clothes from the series RWBY, and I'm having some troubles about making some new textures for one of my meshes. This is the character I'm currently making a texture for, specifically her jacket. I've made a basic shape in...
  2. B

    Not letting me copy things here is a video illustration

    THere were a few elements in my project I wanted to copy so I could switch colors and stuff but when I tried to copy them it wouldn't let me. Here is a video showing
  3. R

    Even colors of background - $ 20

    Hello all, Please see the image below. The paper bag has brighter and darker yellowish colors in the background. Can someone please help with making the background an even color, getting rid of the brighter and darker portions? An even bright yellow background (just like the one at the...
  4. S

    Stroke the same as Multi-Color Fill

    Not sure if there is an easy way to do this or not. Lets say I have an image with multi-colors but no stroke. For example lets say the image has hair that is brown, the face is pink, the shirt is yellow, the pants are red and the remaining fill colors are black. I want to add a stroke to...
  5. N

    Loss of quality - noob here.

    Hi there, I use a template to create banners. These are simple banners to be used on the web. The banners are two main colors on-top of a product. The colors are red and teal. When I have to create a new banner, I have to go over the red and teal to then put text over them. Strangely; when...
  6. M

    Colour issues HELP !!!

    Hi all, I hope someone could help me out with this, i keep going in circles I have been editing a while now and only ever uploaded them to the web never printing.i tend to edit in LR then put it into PS and save from there, until i went to print this pic out and had a massive shock, this is the...
  7. M

    Brushes Color Picker (Foreground Color)

    Hello! Is there a possible way to keep the Color Picker (Foreground Color) window (or something that has the same layout) always open while I'm using the brush tool? I know the Swatches but I want something in the form of Color Picker. Thanks
  8. D

    How to select 1 color to delete or change in photoshop?

    I took a photo of a design I liked and am trying to adjust the colors to print and sublimate onto fabric. Does anyone know how to select one color and adjust it? I would think once selected, I could adjust with the Hue feature. Any other recommendations?
  9. S

    How to do this?

    How can I make this multi-color effect around the guy of this photo, and in the word of the "highlight" logo? Thank you in advance. :)
  10. Balkan

    My first 3D work (with video) I HAVE A QUESTION !

    My question is: How I can add textures to my 3D work? The only way I found to do this is to set a color before using the 3D options. Before: After: Here is how I made it.. I'm not really good with 3D in Photoshop :neutral: If you have some tips, please tell me.:rolleyes: Youtube(short...
  11. Balkan

    Make a Photo looks more proffessional (with tutorial)

    My first post on forum :) Before: After: How I made this? Very easy! You can do it too. Tutorial(youtube short link):
  12. A

    I want to merge the letters with the outer rectangle.

    In this image, I want to merge the first A and the last R with their respective parts of the outer rectangle so that they come together. How can I do this? I want the gray letters to merge with the gray outer rectangle in that one like the blue letters merge with the blue circle in this one...
  13. B

    Red colour pixelation - requires higher quality than normal. Why?

    Hi, I've had for quite some time now a frustrating problem as a web designer - the need to save an image (nav button for example) at a much higher quality when it contains the colour red. Normally I will save a button at a quality of (using 'save for web') of around 45 to a max of 55, but...
  14. K

    Advice for getting colors to pop out.

    Does anybody know how the colors on the jacket were manipulated to "POP" out like this? This is the original i know how to color a B/W photo so the skins not an issue however i can never get the dramatic results achieved on the clothing, any tips? Other examples:
  15. C

    Need help with colors

    Hello: I am new to the forum and have a question about purple. I am using photoshop and a GX7000 sublimation printer and am trying to get the Raven's purple color to come out looking like the Raven's purple. Does anyone know what the code colors are for the Raven's purple? No matter what color I...
  16. S

    How To Separate Colors into Layers

    Hi, I have several icons that I would like to recolor. My thought was to figure out how to normalize and image colors (based around your 9 basic colors, black, white, red, green, orange, blue, yellow, purple, brown). Then I want to separate those colors into their own layer. I would prefer...
  17. Windows7

    How can i get my letters army colors like this one?

    Just like in Ultimate Urban? Btw: if i have some nice texture and i put letter on it.. how can get that my the texture is in my letters without the background?
  18. C

    How remove colors to the hair with background

    Hi I am newbie in photshop i am using CS4 I have a picture with my daughter i just want to edit and replace new background but there some portion in the picture its hard for me to remove colors to the hair. i just want to retain tiny hair without erasing totally. I used pen tool to crop it...
  19. K

    Problem with colors

    Hi, I designed my business cards in rgb, converted to cmyk, saved in pdf for printing purpose and it all looked good. Printing went out good, nice colors, just as I wanted. Later on I made few changes in design and I saved the file as before. Now the colors look dull, even if I save it as...
  20. JustThisGood

    Intense Autumn Colors

    hope you like Photoshop Gurus!