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  1. N

    gray card in shader

    i have a shader like on the picture: i'd like to add one more gray shader so every time i take a photo with gray card and adjust the curves, all other colors will match. but i don't know the relation of gray card to colors in my shader. how can i find it out? should i photograph this picture on...
  2. N

    developing correct colors

    i have a photo of a tooth with gray card and one of shades (A3 on the image): and image with colors: i've created an action that takes...
  3. T

    Have I misunderstood digital colors?

    I'm trying to understand things like saturation and vibrance, and have found that I need to improve my understanding of digital colors. (Lets stick to RGB and 8 bits) I have just read, about Prophoto RGB, that it contains colors the human eye cannot see. I know there are several million...
  4. E

    Anyone knows the name of these kind of images?

    Hey there Gurus, I'm seeing logo's and other images like this They are not really "3D" but they don't look "flat" either. I know this is just a blue rectangle with a white border at the bottom and some text. But the combination of these colors + the font really create this kind of style. I...
  5. moonstone

    How to choose Shadow, Mid tones and High light colors?

    Hi, Im having a problem when (Beauty retouching) choosing Shadow, Mid tones and High light colors? Are there any special colors in this categories? Hope Gurus help me. Thank you!
  6. R

    How to increase the sensitivity of magic wand tool? Help Needed

    Maybe this isn't the right question to be asking but hopefully once I explain the situation what I'm trying to fix will make more sense (I also apologize if this is being posted incorrectly, this is my first time): I have a web-comic that I do just as a personal project for fun. I have...
  7. P

    jpeg color does not match Photoshop color

    I worked hard trying to get the perfect colors before saving to a jpeg. When viewing the jpec on the computer the colors look too saturated. I am not too concerned with printing. Is there anything I can do?
  8. agentmoeller

    Illustrator Color selection and gradients

    Does any Ai user know of a good tutorial/explanation/whatever for how to select colors, add colors to gradients, and add gradients to objects, etc.? I find it maddening (compared to Ps) sometimes getting a gradient onto (or off of) an object.
  9. H

    Stronger colors in photoshop project

    So I'm designing a GFX kit for my motorcycle and I'm almost finished putting everything together. I thought I was done with the project untill I saved the whole image as JPEG and opened it in google chrome. The colors looked so much better when opened in chrome, than in the original photoshop...
  10. G

    Alpha Transparency Image

    I'm not really sure how to describe what I need to make, so I'll just provide an example. I need to replicate what these guys did but have no clue how to do so. Select different shirt colors. Basically what is going here is they have an image with transparency and when you select a new color...
  11. F

    Illustrator How to convert a vector to black and white?

    Hello, Is there a way to convert a vector with many colors to black and white? Thanks
  12. H

    If you're good with colors, please help!

    Guys, I could use your input. I created the attached poster for a sports ministry at church. I like my idea (taking my Bible verse and making it a double meaning), but what I am uncertain about are the colors. Because the design contains silhouettes, naturally I used black and white...
  13. C

    Hello Everyone - Glad to know that you will be able to help me !

    Hi, to start with but not go on for too long, I have been an artist all my life and have painted mostly with oils but in the last years have also rediscovered watercolors & pastels. However, the real reason I am writing to all you knowledgeable 'gurus' is that I have really simple questions...
  14. B

    Photoshop cs5, ACR 5.1, Auto adjustements ???

    Hi, according to this "Auto" adjustements, no one is correct, or it is?! So, How to adjust colors, i am, after 5 years, completly confused. Help, please Zoran, Serbia
  15. G

    Photoshop Insight

    I recently got into photoshop, I enjoy working with it. I was browsing for christmas presents and found this, [Images Added] I like there style and was wondering what would be methods to reproduce this type of art, I know I can download splatter brushes and others but how do the colors come...
  16. P

    Turning a Dataset into a Color Library

    We have a project where the final media will have a color palette limited to 454 colors. We have a conversion from the media's color selection to RGB. So, from an XML file I created a CSV file, meaning I have both if necessary, of 454 colors with a name and their RGB values. I need to create...
  17. A

    Problem with colors in photoshop

    Hello there , I have a problem with opening a certain photo I took. When I open on windows it looks like this : And on photoshop cc and lightroom 5 it looks like this : Some detail on the street is completely lost and the colors are different. I shot this picture in raw format. Does anybody...
  18. S

    Looking for some help on stacking layers (subject is different colors of hair)

    Hi, I have to generate images of combinations of two hair colors. There are 15 total colors, so that means 225 total images. I was hoping to shoot photos of each of the colors without overlays, then photos of the overlays. I'd like to make the overlays (which do not cover the entire image)...
  19. B

    Changing color of certain element in an image.

    Hello, Is there a newbie friendly way to change the color of the light gray structure in the attached images to very dark gray / black ? I tried using the color replacement tool, but it sort of works with more vibrant colors and not with the darker ones. The general hue/saturation only affects...
  20. gsheet

    Help me color this tattoo.

    Hy there, my name is Sorin, I have a idea for my new Tattoo , about the legendary god of wine, Bacchus. I have the scratch, but i need this painting in colors, more realistic. I will upload here the painting, and maybe you can help me . tnx guys, and please help me..