1. tryblinking

    Help wanted: A true duotone.

    Hi all, hope someone might be able to help with a conversion question. I’ve been looking for years to find a way of converting an RGB image to the closest approximation possible using 2 inks. My aim is to create a colour image which doesn’t immediately feel like a duotone. Say I have a snowy...
  2. C

    How to share a tool preset with another tool.

    This is default Smudge tool. How to transform (convert) this settings for Brush tool, with this texture?
  3. J

    Working with "Channels" in Ps CC

    Hi! Thanks in advance for the help... Lately our licensors have been sending more and more artwork assets that are in Multichannel mode with spot colour separations and i need to be able to convert it to other formats. This is great when we send finished art to our suppliers but I need to be...
  4. O

    Mockup question

    Hello, I am wondering if someone can help please? I have been looking at creating mockups (they make my life so much easier). I have a quick question now - if I created a bi-fold mockup, with only partial of the page 2 showing, how can I still convert page 2 to use as a mockup? I have...
  5. U

    How to convert Image 1 to Image 2. Need .ATN file

    Hi I am a newbie I want to know how to convert this image to this image I also want to know if there is a general way of converting first image to second image?
  6. U

    convert all black areas into dark square or circle and draw a small line (3

    convert all black areas into dark square or circle and draw a small line (3 cm) intersecting it horizontally in all psd files. black Numbers appears vertically from 0.5-1 in Photoshop scale.
  7. A

    How to convert any image into 2 color BMP??

    Hello, I want to convert some images to 2 or 3 color BMP files. I nees those files to create designs for computerised flat knitting machine. Please help !!!
  8. A

    Convert inverted images to positive in photoshop

    I received two photos from a friend and unfortunately they are in inverted format. I manage to convert one to positive in photoshop 3 and not able to convert another one. ANy suggestions? The photos are enclosed.
  9. M

    Convert selection into bezier vector curve

    Hello all, I have a texture with a line on it as shown below, and I want to select the line using the magic wand tool and convert said selected line into a bezier vector curve in order to import it as an .svg file into Blender. Is there a way to do that in Photoshop CC? Thank you all for...
  10. R

    Convert Nikon d600 RAW files to DNG to be read with CS3

    I use a Nikon 600, PC OS Win 10, PS CS3 - Download from SD to PS CS3 RAW-NEF files. Desire to convert to DNC as I load to PS CS3. I have set the download preference to convert to DNC. Downloads fine but does not convert to DNC. Files remain as NEF files. As a newbie I am unsure that I...
  11. K

    RAW converter updates

    Hi, I brought new camera Canon 5DsR and now if I need raw converter update (I use CS6), there are only DNG converters available. So I need to convert them before I can open in Abobe raw converter (double time). How can I make things easier again (have to buy CC?)? Thank You!
  12. Z

    How to convert a bitmap image into a old type negative film Look ?

    How to convert a bitmap image into a old type negative film Look ? Do they used any 3rd party plugins etc??? Or it can be achieved with Photoshop ? If it so a tutorial really helpful to all of us.
  13. K

    Best way to convert four color process to spot colors in photo.NEED ADVICE ASAP

    I have a client that is asking if and how we can take there label and change it from four color process to spot colors. I can identify three possible colors for the text and border but then they have an image in the background that is definitely four color process. What is the best way to go...
  14. A

    Modify head shot to print on T-shirt (was: Special request for photoshop pros)

    I am in charge of creating t-shirts for my family reunion this year, and I work for a printing company. I have a photo of a friend that I want to convert to black and white to print on the front of a t-shirt, but i have no clue how to do it properly. I can supply the photo if one of you can...
  15. B

    Convert text colour

    HelloI have black text on a transparent background and would like to convert it to white text on the same background.How would I do that, please?Bluie
  16. G

    RGB to CMYK issue

    Hi there! im having an issue when I convert my photo to CMYK from RGB in photoshop. The colour loss is huge, which is a shame but something I can adjust, however the other issue is that it's actually losing a lot of the detail with it. It's giving it the kind of effect you have when you whack...
  17. F

    Illustrator How to convert a vector to black and white?

    Hello, Is there a way to convert a vector with many colors to black and white? Thanks
  18. H

    How to convert images to this type

    hiI'm a newbile here and it's my first post . please see the first attached imageI want to convert it to this type , I don't know what its called:please see the second attached imageI need to apply some pattern on sofas , so I need to make the second image to be able to apply patterns .( I want...
  19. C

    need a head swap in a photo.

    looking for someone to take a picture with 2 people in it, and swap one of the heads with another head from another photo. Happy to pay a reasonable amount via paypal, im in the uk, so payment in £ or converted to what ever currency is good for you (im sure paypal will convert it accordingly) I...
  20. A

    Help converting 2d to 3d

    hi there, this is my first post here, so forgive me if i miss any details out or if this is in the wrong place. I have been given the job of making this 2d image look more 3d. I thought it would be nice an easy to wrap this around a 3d object but the the absence of any model i havent been...