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  1. B

    Random ps gurus please make this picture look cool

    hi there gurus, i'm a newbie in photoshop and tried to make this picture look cool but i couldn't. so here i am asking for your help, and i'm desperate. please help me out. what i wanted to do was cut out the bike and the rider out from rest of the picture cuz the place really doesn't suit for...
  2. A

    Cool looking design for shirt! (skydive)

    After my previous job I realized we have another design we are working on - we want to do a few short sleeve and long sleeve tops in 2 different colour options (red/black, maybe a little grey) and green/white. I'm not totally happy with what the company has come up with themselves so wonder if...
  3. Roberts1010

    Name Logo

    I am a new author and would like a cool logo for my name. Wanda Harkins There are some really cool examples of others out there, but of course now that I'm looking, I can't find many of them, but I did find a few. Any creative minds out there like to give it a try? .
  4. chrisdesign

    3D Pyramids

    My 'Creativity Booster' provides me with cool 3D ideas.
  5. S

    Finished works

    Hi everyone, I was/am wondering what people do with their finished work? I mean I guess not everyone here uses PS for their jobs and just like to create/design stuff for fun, like myself . For example I have loads of photoshopped cars and those are just sitting on my harddrive. Besides the...
  6. Inkz

    Dropbox logo recreation Mashup

    Got bored today so I decided to look at some familiar logos from around the web and try and recreate some of them in a different way, in a humorous way. So I decided to look at Dropbox logo. The logo is pretty cool and it is that way so you can drop stuff into the box. Here's my take lol
  7. D

    Please help edit and change backgrround

    Hey, i need help to make me look more fair in this pic and change the background to any cool place, you think will be suitable and awesome. Thank you in advance
  8. B

    how to achive thsi effect? is it brush work ??

    how to achive thsi effect? is it brush work ?? What its actually doing is its giving a hallow effect on the images like a vignette effect.Very cool one.Is it wrbus work or any other plugins or any other techniques used ? Gurus please give a tutorial on it. Actually i found it on a psd and i...
  9. H


    Hello everyone! I actually came here in a moment of desperation/anxiety and needing a photoshopped image to help make a decision, which I will post about next, and I can't believe how talented you all are! This seems like such a cool community I happened upon in a moment of need and I look...
  10. F

    Create an album cover for fictitious 80s heavy metal hair band called Pinocchio.

    So let me give you come context... Back in the 80s me and my friends were into such bands as Bon Jovi and Cinderella (who only had a couple hits such as Nobody's Fool)... We had a friend who was very gullible so we convinced him there was a band called "Pinocchio" and we made fun of him for...
  11. J

    hi guys

    hi everyone i have tried photoshoping stuff but i cant do it. im looking for anyone who could maybe make me a couple of cool memes of one of my mates by inserting their face in pics and vids if possible please. thanks! :cheesygrin::cheesygrin:
  12. D

    Could someone help to put a Beard on my photo :)

    Hi I would like someone could help me to add beard on my face :) will be cool
  13. B

    New To The Forum

    Hi, new to the forum. Hope to learn a lot from you guys here. Looks like a very cool community.
  14. B

    Cool effect

    I saw this effect and wondered how this was done! Newbie and learning here!
  15. Hoogle

    Earth From Space real time footage live now

    Not PS related but pretty cool all live feed from international space Station
  16. B

    Cover photo for house mix

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a promo picture for my house mix. The mix has summer written all over it so it would be cool to make something with some cool summer picture. Something along this lines...
  17. P

    Would someone edit a pic for me. Small Detail

    would be cool if someone could help me through pm, as its something personal. thanks
  18. E

    After Effects [Request] Music Video

    Hey there Guru's, First off, I have no idea if I'm supposed to post this here, but the request section is for Photoshop and I couldn't find one for AAE. Anyway, I'm a Deep House producer and I can do some basic GFX. I've worked with AAE at school some years ago, and I can make some visualizers...
  19. D

    Fitness Logo Please Help!!

    Hi all, I have been working hours on this (don't laugh) :P I love drawing but I cannot seem to add character to anything I do. I took it upon myself to make my company logo, but I am having a hard time putting everything together. It just looks like I have 3 things one on top of another. If...
  20. H

    Lighting effect like this[HOWTO?]

    So its like this! A friend of mine requested me to edit her photo so that she can apply it as a cover photo in her fb. I was searching through the internet about some cool cover photos photoshop tutorial and I saw this youtube video promoting a website that'll require me to pay money. I checked...