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  1. R

    Cropping and adding a border along with text to a photo

    Hello Everyone, I am new and I have two questions- how do you crop this surfer photo to match the size of a postcard that is three and a half inches high and five inches long? how to add a shaded border along with text to a photo? Border like this
  2. M


    Hello, I am in charge of populating my companies website with images and I am having serious difficulty dealing with image sizes etc.. I have a Soliloquy slider at the top of the home page but its image resolution restriction is really hard to work with. It wants images at 1440 x 466. How do I...
  3. xCosette

    Specific please crop this thanks

    hello, can you please crop this image so that it's only the person? also dont forget to remove the reflection in the mirror and the mouse, thanks!
  4. ^Photographer

    Cropping with Restraint in PS CC

    I'm missing something. In PS CS5 I used to put in the number of pixels I wanted an image restrained to when cropping. When I dragged the cropping tool on the image it would draw a box. When I applied the crop it would automatically be the 200px X 200px I had indicated. In PS CC it doesn't seem...
  5. E

    Can someone remove these children from this picture?

    I am due an assignment in Conceptual photography class. And i found this picture which fitted in with what i had thougt to do (Egg- my future, me trying to protect it, warming lt up eg trying to make it hatch) Also could anyone add some books here and there?
  6. T

    images resizing

    I am new on this site, I just really need a few images resizing to 1080 by 1080 or less!
  7. A

    Batch Automation cropping phtos

    Hi there! I've got just 100 people portrait photos. Different format, different focus. There are ones that horizontal, there are others vertical, there are that ones that not even centered/aligned. What I want to do is to resize them all cropping only face. Is there by any chance some action...
  8. T

    Newbie question about cropping and most probbably a stupid one at that.

    I am leaning Ps CC to do photo manipulations, and in doing so I end up with many layers with images that extend outside the image area. Up until now I have just been saving these as jpeg's and then get them printed into what ever size I need without cropping. I would like to know is there an...
  9. E

    Cropping assistance

    Hoping you expert folks can assist me with this little project, we are trying to crop a face from a photo, and then print it onto a T-Shirt design.... The idea is to crop this chaps face area, and then us the cropped image for printing, ie we dont want any background.... How can I do this in...
  10. R

    Create perspective on a layer

    I shot a food photo at 45° degrees and want to change the table bg. I downloaded something that I like but it was shot at 180° Did a good job of masking the plate but when I add the tabletop to the food the difference in angles is clear, Just spent a couple of hours trying to correct this but...
  11. M

    PS Newbie here: I'm doing a propaganda poster would like feedback

    Hi everyone! I installed Adobe Photoshop CS6 on my computer yesterday and have been fiddling around with it for awhile. I watched tutorials on pretty basic things like cropping out and resizing images. But what I'm having the most trouble with is with color matching. I have a bunch of images in...
  12. B

    Moving an 'object' in an image?

    Hello I am considering using CSS to overlay an image with some short but large text to the right of the crow in this image, but first I would need to move the crow to the left (about 2-3" from the left of the image). Would I achieve that using cropping? Thanks.
  13. A

    Printing Photos - Too much cropping

    Using PS CC. I have set a photo to an image size of 4x6. I am uploading to an online photo printing service to purchase multiple copies of the photo on 4x6 glossy paper. I've tried both Costco Photo and Shutterfly but the cropping that is required cuts into the people shown on the photo. I tried...
  14. A

    Actions Actions needed to resize to thee different sizes

    Hi all, We are into publishing and each month there are a lot of new magazine releases. Which we have to update in the website accordingly. My colleague was inquiring if we can create an action to crop the magazine covers in required sizes. The problem is, we need three different outputs. One...
  15. W

    I need help cropping myself into a picture of the Carrowinds Gates. Can anybody help?

  16. P

    Who wants a challenge?? Variable cropping action needed!!

    Who wants a challenge?? Variable cropping action needed!! I am a photographer ad have recently started working with youth and junior sports sections. Part of the job is to shoot a series of action shots (approx 10) starting with them running in a zig zag towards the camera. Each of these...
  17. T

    Help on Cropping a Pic! Request

    1. Your assignment is to design our album cover. Using the drawing, neatly crop out the 3 models of the people as well as the 'explicit content' symbol. 2. Paste the 3 cropped models and the 'explicit content' symbol onto the photo of the gas station. 3. Make sure the models are standing in...
  18. A

    Trouble cropping excess to certain shape.

    Hi. I am trying to crop out the excess that goes beyond the gray square but I can't figure out how to do this. I am getting very frustrated because I know it is something simple. I want to create one image with the square and masks, but cut the excess. Right now each piece is a separate layer...
  19. 1

    Photo cropping issue

    Good morning, I have successfully been cropping photos for years until this morning! I have no idea what I did, but now, instead of the 90° angles, my corners are rounded. There is the white "moving line" around the perimeter. If I click "crop," Photoshop doesn't crop where the lines are. It...
  20. C

    Cropping yourself into a photo

    I would like to photoshop this picture for my friends birthday. She is a huge Reds fan and I would really appreciate this. I have no experience in photoshop and wouldn't know where to start. Could someone do this for me? I'd like the girl in place of the little boy.