1. D


    I subscribe to creative cloud but infortunately CC doesnt offer the facility to save as dds. Does anyone know of a free legal CS2 download as I cant bring myself to pay twice. Thanks
  2. M

    Accessing tutorials in CS2

    I have just installed a legal copy of Photoshop CS2 on my Windows 10 AU computer. In Help, when I selected a tutorial I got an Elements 4 tutorial. I then uninstalled Elements 4 and now I get details about the help centre, regardless of which tutorial I select. Is this a Windows 10 compatibility...
  3. Markie Jordan-Madden

    Hello, New Here & to PS!

    Hello everyone! My name is Markie, and I'm an author and publisher. This means I'm also a cover designer! I learned how to build book covers by layering with the use of a free software called Paint Dot Net. When I got really good at it and realized it didn't quite have everything I needed, I...
  4. V

    How did I create this image/spiderweb like effect? Old School plugin?

    Hi guys, I'm certain I created this image in Photoshop using a filter of some kind but I cannot recall the process at all... I was wondering if anyone here that has used photoshop for a long time might have any ideas. Here is what I remember: It was made during my time at College and I...
  5. Helios

    CS2 Dialogue boxes and canvases disappearing

    Hi there, Since I started using Photoshop CS2 in Windows 10, this glitch has started occurring after working in the program for some time - anything from 10 minutes to 2 hours. (It is much improved after I reinstalled CS2 in its own directory on my C: drive, instead of in the program files, but...
  6. pslane

    Illustrator misssing toolbar

    Is there any way to get this tool bar when working with Illustrator paths? This is an old version (CS2) so could it be that this tool bar is not an option? Thanks, pslane
  7. P

    Photoshop CS2 Workspace Issues (Windows 8)

    Hi All, I'm experiencing a problem that I've never seen before in Photoshop. I just upgraded from an old Vista machine to a Windows 8 machine, so it's possible the OS is the problem. When I have multiple windows open in Standard Screen Mode, and open the Color Picker (or Levels, or any similar...
  8. S

    Hey everyone!

    Hey all. I was looking for some new forums to put my stuff on and try to learn more and help other people so here I am! My name is Stephanie, I'm from the Netherlands. 22 (almost 23) years young and I'm a desktop publisher at a amazing company My biggest love is Mountainbiking. Next to...
  9. C


    new here, just downloaded Cs2 today. I know nothing about it yet, but look forward to learning everything I can.
  10. T

    Reduce brightness on a certain location with CS2

    In CS5 I know there's an option in Curves which helps you to lower the brightness on a single specific part of an image, but I don't think it's available in CS2 as well. So, how I can reduce that white, annoying brightness on a single part of a photograph and not ruin it whole?
  11. X

    CMYK Settings In CS6 vs CS2 for Screen Printing Shirts

    Hello, I am trying to print t-shirts, through screen printing. i the office where we learned how to print multicolor images like this: http://cdn.cnwimg.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/beyonce-knowels-net-worth-1024x768.jpg they used cs2 went to mode > cmyk, then printed every single channel by...
  12. S

    How to create attractive embossed text for business card?

    Hi PS Gurus I am not new with Photoshop but I have been using Photoshop CS2 for editing my photos but not very comfortable with creating designs. I am trying to create my business card and I was trying to have card with embossed text like attached sample card (first image). But don't know how...
  13. E

    Does multiple scaling cause resolution loss?

    Hello everyone, I had an 18MP picture (3456x5184 pixles) and I was trying to fit it into an A1 canvas of a 100 dpi so I used free transformation to scale it down. Later on, I have decided to make the canvas of 150 dpi instead of 100. Would increasing the resolution now make my picture look...
  14. B

    HELP!! Working in CS5 and need to save backward to CS2

    Hello! I've created a file in CS5 and need to share it with a web designer who is working in CS2. When I "save as," I see a pulldown menu - but none of the choices seem to be previous versions of CS. What do I need to do (or what does the web designer need to do) in order to make this file...
  15. A

    Exporting or Saving for InDesign after creating in Photoshop CS2 ?

    Hi I have created a design mainly using dingbat fonts in Photoshop CS2 and want to save it (I think as a TIFF) for use in InDesign CS5. I have tried but when I 'place' to TIFF image in InDesign the quality looks terrible, can someone please advice on what i might be doing wrong? The...
  16. D

    Photoshop CS2 Images Not Showing

    So any time I open an image in photoshop now they are only displayed in my navigation window. I updated my driver already and there is not an openGL option for CS2. I don't know what else to do solve this problem. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you!
  17. M

    Help! - Cant open photo in PS CS2..

    I was editing JPEG files and all of a sudden I couldnt see any photo I opened in PS... I restarted my PC and my CS2 and tried to open a photo in PS again and it only shows in the little tiny box in top right hand corner but nothing in/on the PS box??? Totally confused..what did I do??
  18. Z

    fade image in photoshop CS2?

    what can i do with that image so it fades into the red background without looking stupid? and what would you recommend i do to make it look better overall?
  19. Paul

    CS2 Imageready

    When i 'try' and make a gif movie type of job, is there a way of putting two or more different files together as one, so far i have had to copy and paste single frames across.....very.....time.....consuming:eek: Thanks.
  20. Paul

    cs2 animation

    Had a go, i hate the woman:)