1. R

    Error: can't print...ICC profiles no longer installed

    When attempting to print from Photoshop Elements 9 I get the error: "Could not print because the ICC profile is no longer installed." OS is Windows7 Home Premium. The error message appeared all of a sudden (after a year of work without problems) and with both my two printers permanently...
  2. Paul

    Slight error

    Sometimes when i save a image off the screen/ right click save as: i get a info box pop up in photoshop saying file-format module cannot parse the file" Error This only happens sometimes?
  3. Paul

    Fatal Error

    Really bad this morning, played up last night a little? This only happens here...
  4. S

    action error

    First off, I use photoshop cs3 and as far as I know, the person that created the action uses cs2. I downloaded the action and everything was fine. I went to upload the action and this is the error I am getting: I have a ton of photoshop actions installed and they all work fine. This is the...
  5. S

    Photoshop CS4 Hide layer dont work as expected

    Hi, i have installed on my PC (Core 2 Quad 2.66 2GB RAM 500GB HD) the photoshop CS4 few days i was worked normally on it, but today when i open a file with 14 group layers on it, when i hide a group layer with the eye icon on the layer pallete, is supposed what that group of layrs must be hide...