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  1. M

    Help Me Print Without ColorSync

    I'm trying to print a photoshop file on my Epson xp-970. This warning pops up: In photoshop printer manages color is selected because that is what I want. In the printer dialogue box there are no options for color management or anything related to color. In the drop down menu I have Media...
  2. N

    Help me with radius in polygon tool please😭

    Hi guys,I never used this before. I really need help with this problem. Iwant to creat some polygons with a polygon tool but It has something wrong with ‘radius’. It can't be set to 0 like usual I ever did. It can't be unconstrained! 😢
  3. B

    Error problem in my 2020 Photoshop

    does anyone here know how to solve my problem? translating this to english: Your order could not be completed because the file was not found. I really appreciate who help me.
  4. S

    Glitch effect help

    Hello! I am quite new to photoshop and have been experimenting with many glitching techniques over the past few weeks for my art gcse... I recently came upon a photograph and cannot figure out how to edit a photograph like this... could someone pls give me some tips for those multi coloured...
  5. I

    How can I export a single layer [C++] plugin (lost all hope)

    I've built a Windows Phoshop CS6 / CSS C++ plugin; how it works is it exports each layer in the document (By name) with it's proper image format (png, jpg, etc), my issue is: I have to turn off visibility on each other layer in order to export the one layer (I have to loop through all the...
  6. J

    Help error with auto blend

    This error happened when i auto blend two layer, i need help, thank you
  7. L

    Liquify Error message

    Hey guys. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I apologize. I'm sure this is posted in the wrong location, so move it if need be. Whenever I try to use liquify in Photoshop CC, I keep getting an error message that says " Operation could not be completed, access is denied." I can open...
  8. MoltresRider

    "paste profile mismatch" but it is NOT

    The source and destination are the same RGB profile but Photoshop insists that it is not! The error message dialog shows that they are the same but the error still occurs. I do see a "VX922" thrown in the error but when I Google it, only airplane results show up in Google. I then tried adding...
  9. C

    Attempting to Reset Tool Presets....

    ...assuming this is the problem....?? :hi:Hi, all, I'm new here and thanks, in advance, for taking time to talk to a novice while I ask a question about an OLD version of PS -- the version (an error pops up when I try Help, About, so I can only tell you the version is named "Adobe Photoshop...
  10. A

    Not sure what this is or how to get rid of it??

    I don't know what this thing is but it somehow got on my psd, I'm not sure when, but now I can't get rid of it? It only goes away when I use the move tool, I would really appreciate some help!
  11. S

    3D text render bevel?

    OK this is my first post on here, so thank you to anyone who can help me here i really appreciate it. also i apologise if this has been asked before but im not quite sure how to ask what i want. ok i have rendered my logo is 3d using extrusion and postcard etc. here is the result what i want...
  12. K

    Help with a homework certificate?

    Could anyone shop this to have the name be "William Lea" and the course be "ELA950 - Sache Certificate Program: The Importance of Process Safety" also change the date at the bottom to today? I'm emailing it in for submission so it doesn't have to be pixel perfect, just the right font. I am not...
  13. J

    Smart Object. Could not update smart object files because the file is already in use.

    Hi, I'm by no means an expert in photoshop. Im currently using CS6. I downloaded a free 'mockup' where i insert an image into a smart object and press save and that image looks like it is in a photo frame. I was using this free download for over a week with no issues at all. Now each time i...
  14. B

    Gurus's What is this scratch disk full error in photoshop & How to fix it ?

    Gurus, What is this scratch disk full error in photoshop & How to fix it ? Kindly help me fix this issue please . Am using photoshop 2015.5.0 release.
  15. Outtacontext

    Program Error when Trying to Create 3D from Layer

    I am using Photoshop CC 2015.0.0 and when I try to create a 3D object from a layer or mesh I am told there is a program error. This is version of Photoshop I use at home. It works using Photoshop CS6, but then I don't have the advanced features that CC provides. At work I am using Photoshop...
  16. gedstar

    Creative Cloud unable to reach adobe servers

    Is anybody having issues getting the latest updates to PSCC2015, I think it's just a ACR update so I downloaded it manually from here But still getting the Creative Cloud unable to reach adobe servers error Here's a thread...
  17. MoltresRider

    Photoshop freezes for 15+ minutes "Reading Preferences" followed by 9 or 10 "program

    I have having an issue with Photoshop freezing during startup on "reading preferences", it will be frozen for 15+ minutes with the busy mouse cursor, at this same time, the entire computer becomes very laggy. When it eventually goes on and starts up, I get several "could not be started due to a...
  18. pslane

    Illustrator not enough rams?

    I am attaching an error box that says there is not enough ram available. I'm (trying to) do this tutorial, using the 3D tool. What can do about this? Thanks, pslane
  19. TomHowe

    Adobe Photoshop CS6 Error.

    While running Adobe Photoshop CS6 all of the sudden I got an error when trying to crop an image…“Could not build the Crop preview because of a program error.” I have been cropping images for 5 months and never received this error before.
  20. A

    Cant seem to get Double Exposure to work

    Hi I have run into a wall again i Just cant get this double exposure to work! I have purchased it, i tried running it but it keeps giving me errors. The main file had 2 files, 1 was the action file the other...