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  1. Hybrus

    How to make Something like this

    How to make something like this. I cannot find a tutorial of this. Please help me I really to make one of this.
  2. hershy314

    End of Days

    Haven't done one of these in a long time. A little rusty, but had fun. I hope to do more of these, just need to find the inspiration so keep doing this. Between school and working I'm always drained. Anyway here it is.
  3. Q

    Create Selections and Layer Masks using Levels or Threshold Adjustments

    This must be PS 1 - not PS101 900 pages of PS books - can't find the answer. Thanks, Qwerky
  4. Y

    full screen and flip

    Hi I'm new to working digitally but have bought a tablet and been trying to learn. I saw Painter and thought I'd give it a trial run as it's most suited to what I do. I watched a bunch of tutorials and when I'd finished the first thing I found was that I could not find an active forum for...
  5. J


    Howdy everyone I just joined this forum looking for some help with some projects of mine, I hope I can find what I'm looking for. Thanks!
  6. R

    can anyone design this wallpaper for me,,

    Hi Guys I have a youtube channel and I would like to have a wallpaper for it. Can anyone help me with it please, I am not good at designing. My channel is gaming channel. So i would like you to design a wallpaper which related to gaming exactly Fifa 15 and it have my channel name which is...
  7. K

    Another Newbie

    Hi everyone, I'm new to using photoshop. Just for fun, I used to play around with graphics using paintshop pro many years ago. Photoshop feels a Little overwhelming that i want to run back to psp cause I know it well. What I'm finding hard is finding written tutorials. I prefer that over...
  8. L

    New to PGF

    I started with Photoshop when it came on two floppy disks. Would have been around 85-86? Been using it ever since. Know a good bit but there is still a lot more I don't know than do. Used it mostly for image editing for graphic design and now more personal photography. Nice to find the forum. Lanny
  9. Q

    Technical drawings

    Can someone help on how to draw something like this? It's a technical drawing of a latex plastic band. I looked hard and couldn't find a good YouTube video on this. Any help to get me started would be great!
  10. V

    "Tactile" texture of Silk.

    I'm a guy who likes doing model textures as a hobby along with my usual drawing stuff, and I've kind of hit a brick wall. I can't seem to find any images of the tactile or visual feel of silk. All I find are a bunch of images with strong shadows and highlights, which is exactly what I do not...
  11. G

    need help with some pictures or making 1 for me please anime or high graphics please

    some thing like those pics and something like that 2 handed sword and instead of Silkroad - UltraSro Please i realy tryed so hard and if i cant find something new on google images maybe someone can help me with this , ...
  12. R

    new guy

    Hey, my name is Raul and i've just started working in photoshop after taking a course at college. Hopefully if i have any doubts or need help I can find it here.
  13. K

    Blurred face ... can anything be done ?

    Hi. I did research on web, but did not find anything useful. I was hoping I can find some help here. I need to remove the blur from this pic for personal reasons. Any decent degree of blur removal or any modifications to make the face more recognizable are welcomed. I know the "this is not CSI"...
  14. T

    Vector lines 3D effect

    Hi everybody, I've been looking around, trying to find any informations to create a 3D effect using lines. I can't find anything explaining how to create it using photoshop, and I can barely find examples. I might not find the right words or terms to describe my need. Here is what I would like...
  15. H

    Need help in Diamond retouch

    I'm freelancer, and I'm working on jewelry retouch. I wish to reach high level in this field, but I see all you tube lessons in this field and some from Lynda sit, but still can't find all I needs. So I need your help in 2 important things: First and fast: How can I retouch diamond and keep it...
  16. H

    What up?

    Hey guys, I'm a rank amateur, but have been using PS for years for basic stuff. Every now and then I get stuck and can't find a tutorial online, though, so hopefully you all will be patient with my noob questions. Thanks in advance for all your help!
  17. G

    Hi all

    Hi people I'm gertl and i'm glad to find you
  18. F

    christmas animated tutorials

    hi,is there anyone who knows a site where you can find a lots of christmas animated tutorials,greetz fene
  19. N

    Where to find photographer and a retoucher

    I was trying freelancer to find a photographer and a retoucher, but does anyone know about a site that can offer more options?
  20. D

    Hi guys

    Hi guys, I'm starting to learn to use adobe programs :cheesygrin: I hope to find an help for my works on this forum .