1. Z

    Fractal Manipulation - Bird

    I decided to play on Photoshop again for a bit, I realised how much I missed doing fractal manipulations. fractal manipulation is essentially just generating a fractal (I use Peter De Jong) and placing it into a certain order to create a pattern or image I prefer to make images over patterns...
  2. S

    Lake View

    This is a fun coloring project i did at 2 AM. Before After -Tygar
  3. F

    More Manga

    This is really fun ! (and no, sorry, don't have any pics of me ;) )
  4. pslane

    Photoshop Tutorial My Way

    This would be an appropriate time to post this tutorial that I did: It's always fun to do a tutorial and add your own touches and come up with something entirely...
  5. B

    Minority Report 2

    Just pondering the possibility of a MR sequel. Loved the original! Nothing spectacular here - just a bit of fun I guess.
  6. C

    Old Barn

    Just4fun before
  7. chrisdesign

    I supply the after

    You create the before. Have fun!
  8. Paul

    Make a signature

    Going back in time a little with this one, as signatures are old school but still important to so many out there. This one i ask you to come up with something that as a big meaning to you personally, or just an image passion. Have fun. No size restrictions with this as detail will be a...
  9. LemonLuuk

    Clover signature

    Just for fun.
  10. R

    Photoshop youtube live battle! need 1 contestant

    Hey guys! 11. March at 22:00 GMT +1 (tomrrow!) I am hosting a live youtube event. - Photoshop battle. I need another contestant who is interested in joining in :) It's all just for fun. Right now we are 2 players and we need one more. The event is about: I will provide 3 images and a task. Then...
  11. chrisdesign

    Retouching Challenge: Make this young woman 40 years older.

    Aging a person with Photoshop can be tricky job, but it's also great fun to do it. Just try it out and post your work here. Click to enlarge this image and use this size for your work. Source:
  12. Paul

    Change the scene

    Take the woman from her surroundings and put her into a new background doing something completely different, be creative but above all else have fun.
  13. Paul

    Welcome to the gifts lounge

    Here you can create images/gifs and post them and via using the @ tag they will be notified, keep them clean please and have fun. Tom Mann Just a bit of fun :mrgreen:
  14. L

    Car Design

    Pencil - Photoshop fun one
  15. Zain Khan

    Photo to cartoon

    I did this for fun, although I know a lot of work is needed to get this one perfect. What do you think?
  16. chrisdesign

    Hi, I'm Marilyn. Color me like a Glamour Girl and give me a trendy background.

    This is a Fun Contest and open for everybody and all levels. Click to enlarge and use size for work.
  17. Paul

    The official PSG Christmas tree challenge

    Add to the PSG christmas tree, it's looking a little bare and in need of some decorations, show us your crazy/original or just good old traditional additons. Have some holiday fun, go on - no critiques so don't be shy.
  18. chrisdesign

    Turn me around

    Show me the frontside of the sign. Have fun!
  19. Paul

    Photoshop Gurus and Admin ONLY CHALLENGE

    This is a challenge thought up by myself to see what any of us are really capable of. I have PM'd a member to think of a great challenge for us ALL to attempt - all being MODS AND ADMIN ONLY. Just a bit of fun and i would like all MODS AND ADMIN to please take part very little if any Photoshop...
  20. axxo


    hello everyone, axxo here -im a Photoshop enthusiast just like u guys,. most of all i love having fun with photoshop. looking forward to seeing some awesome stuff and participating in some weekly challenges for fun :) looking forward to meeting all of u!