1. Paul

    Animation Fun

    I love anything to do with moving images, as well as photoshop in general obviously:) This is myself staring along side one of the most gorgeous women ever on the silver screen.
  2. Hoogle

    this is just for fun had an idea and rolled with it

    Hey all my nickname is Hoogle so this started of with customising Google to Hoogle but why stop there lol feel free to add your own
  3. iDad

    It is what it is y'all have fun

    *It's been fun guys, I'll be popping in but not posting as often keep this place busy it deserves the hits y'all have a good summer.
  4. P

    Photoshop on sites...or people ho have fun in working with it!

    Hi,i'm new on the forum and a not very experienced photoshopper actually..i have got to make a photoshop work for a friend of mine and since i don't have the experience yet to do a fine work,i'm wondering if some of you know a site where you can send pictures and photoshop them for you...