1. axxo


    hello everyone, axxo here -im a Photoshop enthusiast just like u guys,. most of all i love having fun with photoshop. looking forward to seeing some awesome stuff and participating in some weekly challenges for fun :) looking forward to meeting all of u!
  2. hershy314

    Challenge 25 : Car Chop

    I have to say winning the last challenge was a complete surprise. Thanks to Mr.Tom for a fun challenge that made you think. And thanks to those who voted for me. This is very simple, just have fun. Using this image create something unique. I doesn't matter what you do, all I ask is that you...
  3. Paul

    Chop the

    Current news themed image, take it and run with it how you see fit - go crazy and have some fun.
  4. B

    iDAD vs. ULTIMAN vs. INKZ vs. iBClare

    RETOUCH BATTLE. RULES: All entrants will have 48 hours from the time of this thread to "check in", acknowledging they are ready. Following everyone's check in, I will supply the image to be retouched. Entries must be submitted within 48 hours of the picture being posted. No text is to be...
  5. B

    Funny Photoshop Request!

    Hey there, this is my brother. i added a picture of him running, could someone shop it so it looks like hes in a crowd running after Justin Bieber? Or maybe you could make him running from something, just make it funny!:) and i also added another you could do whatever you like with. Have...
  6. B

    photoshop piercing request please?

    Hey there! I have this picture and wanted to know if someone could PhotoShop an eyebrow piercing on my well..eyebrow? Lol I would like to see how it will look, and I would like it to be on the side were my bangs part.
  7. Justus Marsden

    Request! =D

    Hey! Justus here.. As you can probably see my facebook profile picture is a bit -- crap-- would be GREATLY appreciated it you maybe make it less yellow or add a train or make it a bit more funny--( not to cruel) Or give me a new tshirt or a mohawk ! Thx
  8. B

    request please :)

    Okay, I have this picture of me and my 2 best friends. ( I don't like it because I look so young, but its the only one I have ) but its really blurry/soft looking. Can someone fix it to make it look sharper? And if you cant, can you make some effect to make it look better? Thanks so much!
  9. B

    Request, please.

    Hey there! I took this funny picture of my friend asleep in class, and it would be SUPER funny if someone would make him on something, or doing something ect. Basicly what I'm asking is for you to have fun with this picture :)
  10. Dreamers

    Drawing fun

    Thought I would share this one. I realy like this. This is how it's done, " make a new background (white) any size you want , paint loads of diferent colours, make a new layers and fill it with black and start erasing with a brush you like on it". It's just one of those things you just...
  11. ibclare

    Pen tool fun

    Hi! I've just been having a bit of fun making shapes with the pen tool. I've got 2 so far and aim to make a few more. No particular reason ... yet!
  12. T

    Help wanted - fun project for practice

    I was wondering if anyone would like to practice their photoshop skills and photoshop a picture of a lizard and a stingray together for me (preferably yellow). I need it for a imaginary creature in science. It would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Paul

    Bit of fun

    Don't ask what it is supposed to mean, i have no idea.:)
  14. Dennis Crombie

    fun stuff

    made with filters I made available at... *Link removed this one became my album cover... *Link removed
  15. Paul

    This 3D thing is fun

    Played around with the can in 3D and i came up with this:)
  16. ibclare

    work & fun -- extracting hair

    I'm trying channels for hair extraction. This is one of those tutorials where I find I'm missing something, because even though I follow the steps, my results are not quite . . . :banghead: Other tutorials to try next. Anyway, I had fun overall. Just not the result I want. Learning . . ...
  17. S

    Making fun of co-workers

    A guy at work started a friendly rivalry by pasting some of our faces into a funny photo. He forgot to shut down his computer when he left today, so here's what he's going to find as his wallpaper when he comes in tomorrow morning. He's the guy on the left.
  18. luna

    Girls having fun o yeeeee :D

    Chilling Fairys criticism welcome
  19. K

    A fun job, editing a GIF

    hi all, i am not sure if this is the place to ask as i am not sure if you can edit gif images in photoshop or not? but here is the image and what i wondered is if anyone could put a facebook logo on the mans head and a g+ logo...
  20. P

    Silly Fun Ad Design Help

    Ok - so by now everyone knows I'm helping with a high school football programs 'brag ads' and have loved the help I've received here! I need to do an ad for my own son who is going to be a senior. We've done all the 'so proud of you' 'have fun' 'love you' sort of ads over the years...he's...