1. A

    Hello there!

    Hi! I am new around here. I work in the tech field but I dabble from time to time with the Adobe suite. I do some retouching for fun but not much more! Pleased to meet you! arten
  2. Pipsmom

    A Newby Challenge To all that are learning like myself

    Found a real good one to practice on with varying success but can only get it so far ....mainly problems with missing pixels in the background and transfer from being stored improperly I think.....So let's learn something this week. Way to much Do It For Me from people not serious about learning...
  3. Jerry D

    Color IQ Test

    Take this fun and simple on-line color IQ test and learn how you see color.
  4. S

    Ahoy hoy.

    Hi I'm Stan, I'm a 21 year old from UK looking to share in what I enjoy doing. I'm here on this forum mainly to fill out free tasks for people using Photoshop. I'll try my best to meet the demands of users here. I'm a student at Staffordshire university, specifically studying Games Concept...
  5. T

    Up for a challenge? Three friends missed out, help us photoshop them in in style!

    My friend just found out she's moving next week and I wanted a picture photoshopped to give her at her birthday party THIS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14th! We took a group photo, but three close friends missed it. The requests may seem odd, but I guarantee you in conversation these were requested by these...
  6. S

    ...another new member =)

    Hi All I'm another person learning photoshop... trying my best... having fun... . Kind regards
  7. fredfish

    One for today

    In the spirit of today's date I thought I would post this composite I did a while back for a friend that wanted a Gothic desktop wall paper. Just a bit of fun but by all means comment! Cheers John
  8. N

    Hi From NYPhoto

    Hi all, Glad I found this site. Hopefully I can get some questions answered. I have PhotoShop 7.0 and know enough to have fun with. Thanks. NYP.
  9. M

    Hi there relative amatuer here!!

    Been tinkering with photoshop since it came with my camera, I do a little commercial work and some for fun, self taught most of the way but getting to the stage where I need help!!
  10. V

    Newbie here

    I have just started using Photoshop and boy it is complex to say the least. Going to have fun with this program and all of it's features.
  11. C

    Pick 'N Chew Burger Logo Concept

    Done this fun logo with all the PokémonGo hype just for giggles.
  12. Eggy

    Another couple of OOB's

    Just for practice some out of bounds. Actually its fun.
  13. ZeroCool22

    My first photomanipulation...

    Like i said it's my 1st photomanipulation and i hope, the "Pro's" of the forum help me to notice errors and help me to improve on my skills overtime. I use PS since some time, but for swap faces mostly and for fun, never did a photomanipulation with various elements before. Before: After:
  14. Bane

    Huge Showcase

    Hi! I was on here about 2 years ago and posted a showcase. Since then I've been busy with other things but these are some more of my recent works. Had a lot of fun making them! :)
  15. chrisdesign

    3D Disintegrating Tractor

    Fun Project with an 3D image from Thanks Eggy for this link.
  16. Paul

    Challenge 35 - CREATE A DROID

    Firstly... a big thanks to Chris for the last challenge and all who entered and voted or just popped in for a look see. For this challenge you will need your Futuristic heads on what with the new Star Wars episode being released and doing the movie theatres at the moment, i thought it would...
  17. chrisdesign

    3D The Devil's Attack

    Composite with 3D Objects. I'm starting to like Pixel Squid. It was much fun doing this.
  18. Paul

    Favourite sandwich/snack to work with?

    While doing design work or just having some fun what nibbles or sandwich gets you working?:)
  19. Paul

    Bush the youngest

    Still having issues with the dodge/burn tools and sometimes when making coloured lines? Just a quick one really - bit of fun :mrgreen:
  20. Paul

    Donald Trump manipulation.

    Back to Photoshop today, half an hour of smudge/liquify and brush tool fun on my Wacom:cheesygrin: