1. J

    Trying to remove background from an image

    I am trying to remove the background from an image. I have tried using the quick selection tool, the magic wand tool, the magnetic lasso tool. Alas, it's not going well. It seems that I can not get the image of the person fully selected. The tools seem too sensitive. When I use the magnetic...
  2. T

    Polygonal Lasso Failure

    I use the polygonal lasso for most of my selections. Lately it has been other words, I am clicking, extending the line, when all of a sudden, the line becomes inactive...the cursor isn't connected to the selection line and it floats free as I move it around. I have tried restarting...
  3. M

    Jagged Edges

    Hi Guys, this is my first post here and I am hoping someone can help me. I have a problem when I am using the polygonal lasso and clone stamp tool when I am editing pictures for my website. After using the lasso and clone stamp tool I am getting very jagged edges. I have tried all different...
  4. C

    Magic Lasso

    Hi, I want to cut a person out from a photo with a background and put them in a silly situation. Is the Magic Lasso the best tool for this? I can never seem to get it to "cut out" properly and then I'm unable to blend the figure in with the new background. I'm badly losing this Photoshop War! lol
  5. J

    Lasso Polygonal - include a subtract in old refine or refine new subtract alone

    Hi all, I have finished using the Polygonal Lasso tool to select an object with ruff edges by zooming to 200% and slowly making my way around the shape, when I finished I did a "Refine" for the selection and it looked fine. Then I subtracted 2 new areas, each of these two areas are separate...
  6. K

    Automotive Background Help

    Hi! Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm an automotive photographer, and was recently asked at one of my dealerships to edit the backgrounds of the cars to look like they are in a studio on a cycle wall. I understand I can do this by cutting out the image via the magnetic lasso tool and stick it...
  7. C

    How to remove the opendoor/room that's partly behind her?

    Hi people, I've spent about an hour and a half (my very first try at photoshop) trying various tools and watching some tutorials, but I still haven't found a way to make this right: my goal is to take away the whole bathroom and to make it look like the wall just continues behind the girl...
  8. V

    How to copy a lasso selection for rotoscope work...

    Dear people smarter than me, I need to do some rotoscope work on a piece of video in Photoshop. I can't use After Effects in this instance, I have to use Photoshop. So I want to cut out the image of a submarine as it is sinking slowly. The sub is slightly rotating as it sinks, so it's basic...
  9. M

    Polygonal lasso tool creates squary lines, why?

    (I think) I'm not a newbie anymore when it comes to Photoshop, but the thing that's happening now is beyond my knowledge. Somehow, when I try to make triangles using the Polygonal Lasso tool, it converts the straight lines to squares. Hoping someone knows why this is happening. Here's how it...
  10. S

    Cropping a complicated image from a complicated background?

    Good afternoon everyone!For the past few days, i've been trying to cut away a peice of audio from a screenshot of my music program.Here's an example: I'm essentially trying to get this:(my first initial "crop-out")I wanted to know if there was a cleaner, more efficient way I could remove the...
  11. A

    keyboard shortcut question...

    I used to know it but can't remember anymore and after a long search online, still can't figure it out. Ok, I have a bunch of layers and I want to make a lasso selection on the top layer and then use whatever the correct keyboard shortcut is to make a new layer with a merge of all the...
  12. J

    Stupid problem with Lasso tool - self-closes

    I'm having a ridiculous problem with the Lasso tool. I'm making a selection, and it randomly closes on me. At first I thought I mistakenly hit something on the keyboard, or clicked 2 points on my path a little too quickly, but I've since realized that it happens when I'm not touching the...
  13. P

    Polygonal Lasso + Brightness = Unwanted Glow

    Whenever I use the Polygonal Lasso tool lately, and then modify the brightness of the item selected, it creates a "GLOW" around the *outside* of what I have selected. So when I deselect it, there is now this "aura" around the item. I have gone into all the settings, messed with "Feather"...
  14. M

    Dysfunctional keyboard shortcut: Magnetic Lasso.

    Hi all, I'm having some difficulties and after a lot of internet searching and piddling about in Photoshop I can't suss it. Basically, the delete key does not remove anchor points while I am making a selection with the magnetic lasso tool, nor does backspace. I've tried most of the obvious...
  15. C

    Undo close of lasso loop in Photoshop - Is it possible?

    Hi there I know that while I'm working with an image if i hit the DELETE key it removes the last place point when using a lasso tool, but is it possible to undo the JOIN UP at the end of a lasso loop? If I press the DELETE key at this point it deletes whats inside the loop? The problem is that...
  16. P

    How do I go back 'one' with the polygonal lasso tool?

    I am carving out an error and I mis-place one of the tabs but how do I go back one, if I press escape my whole selection gets wiped out :-(
  17. L

    Polygonal Lasso Tool

    Hi I'm in the process of selecting the head and shoulders of a person and got about 2/3 rds of the way around which took me a long time when somehow the end of the line I was working shot across and made connection to the beginning point which ended my selection process. Maybe I clicked too...
  18. S

    wierd Mac & poly Lasso tool problem

    Hi, I just started using PS on Mac, and having a polygonal lasso tool problem, when I make any selected area with the poly lasso and complete the shape, it ends up with a bunch of boxes in the shape, I'll attach a screen shot, any idea what is going on?
  19. A

    Lasso tool problems

    When using the lasso tool, a problem accoures. It dosent matter if its lasso, polygonal or magnetic. It/something hits enter button, when i use lasso tool, and have to start all over again. Tried to stop many programs, to prevent interferrens. Cant find the error, heeeeelp!
  20. C

    Help with Magic Lasso/Lasso tool

    Hello, I am a Photoshop noob and am trying to learn things little by little, but something that's always eluded me is how to EASILY cut someone out from the background of a photo. I give up each time because either Photoshop cuts out too much background, or it is frustratingly difficult to...