1. B

    Creating a 'Adjustable Frame'

    What I'm trying to do is create a 'adjustable frame', a top layer that acts just like a picture frame would for an actual picture. I'd like to be able to re-size this frame so I don't have to keep re-cropping/filling the areas every time I make a change. I've tried looking into how to accomplish...
  2. P

    Scripting Transfer paths or masks from one document to another

    Hi guys, Im kind of getting gray hair waay in advance trying to find out if this is possible at all. I have two different cases and Im gonna try to explain them as good as possible below. I am working with a high volume of images so this would save us a lot of time if we could automate it...
  3. A

    Help with cut-outs

    Hi - I wasn't sure whether to post this here or the 'asking for free editing' part. I'd just like a little help/advice on cut-outs. My photoshop skills are generally ok, but my dark secret is that I'm *terrible* at doing selections and cut-outs. I have such a complex about it now. I've been...
  4. pslane

    Another question already? About masks

    This is not about layer masks. I call them external masks, but anyway, I once had a good website that explained exactly to apply them and now I can't get that website up. Maybe you can help. I know I have to select all and paste the mask to my image but after that I'm stumped. (layer blend...
  5. M

    black and white using luminosity masks

    hi I was wanting to see if someone can help me with creating luminosity masks, I understand they are quite difficult to learn or understand? any advice tips or tutorials would be great thanks
  6. A

    Lighting in this pictures with sea of clouds

    So I took this picture up on the Rockies at dusk. Unfortunately the lighting at dusk sort of sucks so its really dark and there are blotches everything. I tried contrast, using masks and such, but I haven't been able to get good results. Anyone have suggestions?
  7. T

    [Photoshop CC] Combine selections, vector masks, alpha channels

    [Photoshop CC] Combine selections, vector masks, alpha channels Hallo everybody, I'd like to know how to combine (merge, subtract or intersect...) slections, but also vector masks and/or alpha channels. See attachment: want I want is (A+B). I tried to use selection but I didn't it. I...
  8. M

    Help with Masks

    I need to make some graphics that are a little hard to describe, but I'll do my best. I have some black and white icons that are kind of "Clip art" of an eye, ear, etc. I'd like for those to become masks in different landscape images that I have. But Instead of just seeing the icon and nothing...
  9. M

    Photomerge no longer creating layer masks

    Hi all, Currently experiencing an issue using Photomerge. It no longer is creating any layer masks. When I merge two photos together (ie, focus stacking), it simply stacks one photo on top of another and creates a short border. I was using photomerge this morning and had no issues - it just...
  10. S

    I need help with extracting a specific part of an animated GIF.

    Until now, the method I have used for extracting specific parts from an animated GIF was through the use of the Quick selection tool and layer masks. I would select, on a frame by frame basis, the part I want to keep, refine the edges, then apply a layer mask to remove the remainder of the GIF...
  11. L

    Luminosity Masks Issue

    Hi Guru's I am fairly new to PS and currently using PS6. I have recently discovered the luminosity mask and am working on this with my chosen genre Wildlife/Nature/Landscapes. I have created the masks (vrun via an action) as you can see from the attached screen capture and things were running...
  12. C

    Pattern and Gradient Fading to transparent single shape?

    Hi Guys, I'm coming from Fireworks. A technique I use often in my ui work is to combine a texture with a gradient that fades the gradients color and the pattern to transparent. In Fireworks, this can be done on a single layer with no mask. The transparency of the gradient affects the...
  13. S

    How to remove white halo after adjusting curves?

    Sometimes when I adjust the curves of a selection, the end result is a white halo along the borders of the selection. I've tried feathering the mask or shifting the edge but that doesn't seem to help. How can I better blend my selection with the rest of the image after curve adjustments that...
  14. T


    I am currently working on masking and layers in my class. I'm having trouble getting a grasp on it. Currently I'm working with three kyaks and masked layers of each. What I need to do is color in each kyak using solid color layers. I make the solid color layer but I don't know how to get that...
  15. N

    Need help gettting image into FONT

    HI, I need to make a background and then get that image to just be INSIDE some hollow letters? (like a monogram) I need each letters to also have a line around it, like pen and ink . can someone either direct me to a tutorial for that, or tell me how best to do this? thanks so much in advance...
  16. I

    After Effects Moving masks

    Is there any way to, let's say, there is a film of a man walking, is there any way to get a mask to follow this person, so can edit like the color of his shirt, and not have to recolor it frame by frame.
  17. amigo

    Photoshop Tutorial #5 - Clipping Masks.

    Hi again! I'm glad to let you know I uploaded tutorial #5, and this time I also have more good news for you all. I'm working on a blog that will have more detailed information about the tutorials and more tips and tricks, AND... The original .PSD and Photos I've used in my tutorials...
  18. R

    halos around masks

    A continual problem has been blending the edges of scenes where I've adjusted exposure in a specific area - e.g. sky vs foreground. In my most recent attempt, I created a mask from the blue channel and used image->adjustments-.threshold to create a very nice mask of a scene that included trees...