1. Z

    Paid Generate one missing line of pixels

    Hello there ,i got a task with a reward , if someone can generate correct missing pixels into the line where they are missing There are 32 missing pixels together The reward is 25$ by paypal if you hit correct order
  2. S

    Im missing the "clouds" filter in photoshop cs6

    Ive been searching for half a year already.... didnt find a fix to this, ive tried everything someone had said to me, tried to enable the " Show all filter gallery groups and names " and it doesnt work, Ive tried reinstalling, Doesnt work and i really want to find a fix to this so please help :)
  3. M

    The Fonz

    Could anyone here be able to stick a high viz jacket on the Fonz and a bird with feathers missing on his shoulder please. I would be so grateful gurus
  4. K

    Vertical Type tool does not work as intended

    Hello guys, newb here (: I have this weird problem that I can't type text vertically (text remaining legible without having to turn your head but from top to bottom). This is the result when selecting Vertical Type tool or changing text orientation. Not what I want :cry: I have already...
  5. J

    Suggestions on Logo

    I am creating a logo for my engineering team at my highschool. Our team name is Ninoxide. This is based on Ninox which is latin for a type of owl. The owl part of my logo looks ok but I feel like it is missing something. Could someone please help? Thank you .
  6. P

    Need feedback for my sidebar

    Hey people, i hope that i would get here some feedback for my sidebar wich i designed and also build in html. Was i looking for was a minimalistic - clean sidebar so i created this one with a little effect on top of it. But when i'm now looking at it, i don't know, but it looks for me a...
  7. M

    Gradient Editor Is Missing Key Settings...Can No Longer Pick Gradient Type & More..

    Hello All, First, thank you for taking the time to look at this. My gradient editor is missing key settings including: stops, presets, gradient type, name and smoothness settings. It used to work just fine and then one day all of those settings disappeared and now I’m left with a...
  8. chrisdesign

    3D Missing Features in Photoshop 3D

    I work with Photoshop CS6 Extended. I upgraded from CS5 in December, 2013. With my 3D work, I came to a limit. I could not duplicate objects, and I could not delete objects from a scene. I have found a Tutorial that uses these 3D features, but I can't find them in my PS version. The first...
  9. K

    Eyedrop tool missing

    Hi. Thanks for looking into this. I use CS6 13.0 on OSX. My eyedrop tool is missing and I'm having a hell of a time displaying it. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks
  10. pslane

    missing the "apply" box

    All of a sudden I am missing the "apply" box that needs to be clicked in order to set my editing. I reset my workplace but it's still missing. How can I fix this? Thanks pslane
  11. T

    Old School Photo effect help please!

    Hi there, I wonder if anyone could make suggestions on how to achieve the effect on the attached image. I'm just not getting it quite right and feel that I missing something REALLY obvious! :rolleyes: Any help would be hugely appreciated!
  12. A

    CS6 - Where has my adjustment curves window gone!?

    Hey everyone - long time PS junkie, first time PSG visitor. I apologize for the bombastic questioning at the freshman mixer, and promise to keep the questions in the questioning forum from now on ;) But, while we're here... Upgraded my software, and now a menu seems to have gone awol... I...
  13. N

    Can't print a PS image so it is centered on a sheet w a HP 9800

    No matter what I have tried can't make it center, have to use a template with a wider top margin. Must be something simple I am missing. Thanks
  14. J

    Missing brush healing tool

    CS6: There's no brush healing tool here. Where can I find it?
  15. F

    Missing images?

    I have a question and I hope that I posted it in the correct forum, because the forum description reads "Get help with using the forum and forum features. Any questions related to use of the forum ask here.", but all I see is Photoshop related questions. Anyway...I have seen a few posts in...
  16. D

    Gradient map icon missing

    Hello, I have problem using the gradient map tool, i can't have the same processing step about that on a tutorial i have seen. In the image file i attached, i have the view of layers palette while processing as in the 1, and the 2 is the view i want to have extracted from tutorial. I can't...
  17. B

    rollover image missing and other have multiples

    I have drawn and sliced a web page in photoshop then put in the rollovers and optimized in imageready. When I save optomized mulitple images are being created of some of the slices, and there is no image at all for one of the rollovers. I have gone back and check the rollover several times...
  18. B

    missing tools

    photoshp ele 8 I am missing some of my tools, they were there before. clone and custom shapes. I have tried the reset all in the left corner. no workie help!
  19. T

    Illustrator Missing font error while i have the right font!!

    hi everybody ! I just installed illustrator cs5 ( I want to use it for musical scores) and I've come into a problem: I opened a musical score and an error message popped up because the software did not recognise the font I used ( a classical notation font), clicked ok, resuming document...
  20. P

    CS5 Problem - ordinal 3873 missing!

    I am trying to access the Lens Correction filter in CS5 but keep getting the following error message "the ordinal 3873 could not be located in the dynamic link library LIBEAV 32. dll. I wondered if anyone had encountered this previously and if you could advise on a fix. I am rinning Windows 7...